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Time Control +

Time Control + is a real technological feat that combines light therapy and the electrostimulation revolution.

Inspired by NASA’s work, Time Control is the 1st Light Therapy anti-aging cosmetic instrument designed for the fragile zone around the eyes.

This patented, compact and easy-to-use device emits two wavelengths (590 and 630 nm) that are perfectly suited to the regeneration of the area around the eyes, with an ionotherapy function designed to enhance the effectiveness of the creams traditionally applied to that zone.

Adds detoxifying and decongestant micro-currents to Time Control. TIME CONTROL + is the first cosmetic device for the eyes to combine the cosmetic power of light with electrostimulation functions.

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+ innovation : for the first time, a cosmetic instrument combines imperceptible micro-currents with three complementary wavelengths from Light Therapy®.
+ of functions : the Time Control anti-aging program (anti-wrinkle, firming, anti-inflammaging) is coupled with a “detox” program (concealer, anti-puffiness, lightening).
+ results : the look is visibly transformed in 1 minute flat.
+ precision : its triangular head allows you to reach the inner hollow of dark circles.
+ luxurious, + security : its electrode is gold plated hypoallergenic.

even more confidence: its Swiss electrostimulation technology is simple, safe and effective, suitable for home use.

TIME CONTROL + will thrill women who dream of an instantly refreshed look, free from dark circles and puffiness and visibly rejuvenated.



A true technological feat, Time Control + combines two avant-garde technologies:


Inspired by work by NASA, TALIKA Research has identified and isolated 3 wavelengths with proven cosmetic virtues.

Pulsatile orange light (590 nm): anti-wrinkle and firming. -30% wrinkle volume1 Stimulates fibroblasts: reduces fine lines and deep wrinkles (crow's feet, frown lines between the eyebrows), firms the thin skin around the eyes.

Red light (630 nm): soothing, anti-redness and anti-inflammaging. -34% of redness2 Regulates the cytokine of inflammation: soothes and reduces redness, helps regenerate the skin.

Green light (525 nm): anti-stain and brightening. -46% intensity of dark spots3
Regulates melanocytes: reduces dark spots and homogenizes the complexion.


Highlighted by two co-winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1991, microcurrents have been used since 2006 in aesthetic medicine. Suitable for cosmetics at home, they also reveal incomparable powers.

The different micro-currents selected for skin stimulation are either imperceptible or very gentle. Their common point: locally increasing microcirculation and cellular exchanges, and boosting the production of adenosine, the natural “fuel” of cells, by up to 500%, to stimulate all skin functions.

Depending on their voltage, intensity and shape, micro-currents each have specific benefits. Talika selected four of them to safely care for the eye area.

1. “Lifting” electrostimulation: a gentle diffusion of electrical impulses which restores tone to the tissues.

2. Electrostimulation "detox": a gentle diffusion of electrical impulses which helps to decongest for an anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness effect.

3. Iontophoresis: an imperceptible microcurrent which increases skin permeability to improve the penetration of cosmetic care active ingredients.

4. Reverse iontophoresis: the reverse microcurrent of the previous one, which helps to purify the epidermis by "evacuating" cellular waste.



TIME CONTROL + can be used morning and evening on the eye contour, alone on dry skin previously cleansed or after the application of a treatment (penetration of the treatment boosted by iontophoresis).


By gently smoothing the skin from the inside to the outside of the eye.
Turn on the device by pressing the start button, a green light appears. Select the desired program.
"Detoxifying" program: the button remains green, program 1 is activated.
"Regenerating" program: press the start button for 1 second to change mode. When the button turns orange, program 2 is activated.
Place the triangular head of the device in direct contact with the skin to start the treatment. Make sure your fingers touch the electrode.
Program 1: the treatment stops automatically after 1 min.
Program 2: the treatment stops automatically after 45 seconds.

To turn off the device, press the start button for 2 seconds.