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Skinny Eyebrow Pencils

Price ZAR530.00

Carefully formulated, designed and tested by celebrity brow artist and founder Tonya Crooks over the past 13 years, The BrowGal Skinny Eyebrow Pencils are comprised of six unique custom-blended shades to perfectly match a wide variety of hair colors and emulate the look of real hair. In fact, these versatile tones easily allow anyone to find the perfect...

Highlighter Pencils

Price ZAR470.00

Double-duty made especially for brows, but insanely usable elsewhere too. The shimmer end accents your perfect BrowGal shape, while it also provides a gorgeous glowing highlight to all areas of the face. The matte end covers hair re-growth in between tweezing, accents brow shape and conceals facial imperfections anywhere. Both sides offer a soft...

Eyebrow Gel

Price ZAR470.00

Hold the shape of your brow perfectly and with staying power! The BrowGal Eyebrow Gel works with pencils and powders to seal and protect badass brows for anyone too cool to fuss and too busy to have to reapply. Go swimming at the beach, do hot yoga, or spend the night away from home….without the worry of your brows coming unhinged!


Price ZAR750.00

Meticulously custom-designed for The BrowGal by a high-end Italian knife company, our tweezers are an essential component in Tonya’s repertoire to tailor proportional eyebrows to each person’s unique facial structure. Made with triple pounded steel with a precision slanted tip, The BrowGal Tweezers will last longer than your current pair and are the...

Tweezer Sharpeners

Price ZAR100.00

Let’s get real – who actually send their tweezers back to the company you bought them from to be sharpened? Probably only if you coupon as a hobby… The BrowGal Tweezer Sharpeners keep tweezers sharp and efficient for a longer period of time and you can do it on your own! Remove makeup, dirt and build up and bring life back to your tweezer...

Eyebrow Mascara

Price ZAR595.00

TINT BRUSH FIX-UP GELA mascara for eyebrows that brushes and tames while adding natural colour. The unique gel formula fills out, smoothes and accentuates the brow, creating a strong shape and definition to the face.

Eyebrow Lipocils Expert

Price ZAR1,200.00

True "lines of force" of the architecture of the face, the eyebrows are of capital importance in the perception of beauty and character. But they are not always as dense and intense as one would like. Liposourcils Expert is a unique treatment that not only stimulates eyebrow growth, but also acts on their natural pigmentation.

Eyebrow Liposourcils Platinium

Price ZAR1,990.00

With the Liposourcils Platinium, Talika reinvents the care for eyebrow growth with two distinct formulas for day and night treatments, guaranteeing the best possible care and results for your brows. With the day formula focused on regrowing and strengthening the brows for age defying fullness, the night formula works to repair and protect brows for an...

Lipocils Eye Makeup Remover Balm

Price ZAR880.00

Always one step ahead in brow and lash care, Talika’s eye care specialists have created a revolutionary eye cleanser that effectively removes makeup while active ingredients help to enhance and nourish lashes and brows. A creamy, soothing formula enriched with ingredients of natural origin including Talika’s iconic lash-boosting Mythical Plant Complex and...