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Serums & Oils


Price ZAR1,250.00

Intense Line Filler skin smoothing NectarBYE BYE WRINKLES !XIM•UP Nectar, high-viscosity sap, works intensively to reduce the depth and volume of wrinkles by filling out the hypodermis, tissue composed of adipocyte cells which store fat and provide the skin with the support it needs to ensure volume and harmony for the whole face...

Serum n°05 - Anti-aging

Price ZAR890.00

SERUM N°05 is a concentrated anti-aging formula which prevents and corrects the main signs of aging. Its bio-stimulating action optimizes and protects the adult dermal stem cell function and boosts the synthesis of the cutaneous membrane's fundamental elements (collagens & fibroblasts). Combined with relaxing, lifting and antioxidant agents, this...

Summer Protection & Comfort Summer Time

Price ZAR495.00

SUMMER TIME is the special summer edition that reignites the skin's natural defenses to ensure an optimal level of protection. A subtle alloy of moisturizing, mattifying and soothing agents maximize skin comfort and softness. A tanning-activator increases melanin synthesis in order to avoid the appearance of dark spots and maintain an uniform and...

Platinum Gold Elixir (4 x 10ml)

Price ZAR11,130.00

Platinum Gold Elixir, a luxurious, opulent super serum, harnesses the latest nano-technology and includes 24K Gold and Platinum to achieve the same tightening, firming and lifting effect as the celebrated gold thread lifting technique known as the Nefertiti Lift (named after the beautiful 2nd century BC Egyptian Queen).

Serum Repair

Price ZAR2,490.00

Voted 'Most Magical Perfector' by Cosmopolitan and 'Best Skin Plumper' by Harper's Bazaar, this is an award-winning formula to intensively moisturise, repair and plump the skin.Dr Sebagh formulated this exceptional serum to create an instantly fresher, rejuvenated look. Collagen levels are actively boosted and moisture retained. Applied before your day or...

Booster with Vitamin C

Price ZAR1,650.00

What is unique!Ultra high concentration:25 % of stabilized vitamin CSerum composed of 2 types of stabilized Vitamin C  - A Japanese Vitamin C classified semi-drug (anti-hyperpimentation)- A French Vitamin C greffed to silicium (anti-wrinkles) 


Price ZAR1,480.00

Intense Nutrition: all the benefits of the nourishing omegas. Global anti-aging care: a cocktail of anti-aging active vitamins A, C, E & omegas. WHAT IS UNIQUE:ALL OMEGAS WHICH EXIST ON THE WORLD in a single bottle:Omegas 3, 6, 9 & 5, 7 New texture:An oily serum with a immediate penetration and a velvet skin

Supreme Instant V Lift

Price ZAR3,700.00

Voted Best Contouring Serum by Harper's Bazaar and Best of Beauty by Allure.The ultimate lifting treatment from Dr Sebagh. This unique blend of more than 10 active ingredients immediately tightens and firms the skin, whilst providing powerful anti-ageing benefits.