At TALIKA, every product is a living entity that has a date of birth, a reason for being and a destiny. Born of the romance between a researcher and nature, the mysteries of which he explored and tried to decipher, each creation is the outcome of innovation.TALIKA has drawn on inspiration from the treasures of the living world, since 1948, to develop imaginative treatments that allow every woman to radiate her natural beauty at every step of her life.

Nail Regenerator Serum

Price ZAR400.00

Dehydrated nails grow more slowly, therefore affecting the balance of their structure.Fully caring for the beauty and contour of the nail, Nail Regenerator Serum is an innovative answer to all your nail quality problems. This treatment nourishes, hydrates and restructures fragile and lifeless nails, stimulates the grow of dry, brittle, split and uneven...

Skintelligence Clever Cleanser

Price ZAR350.00

Kick-start your Talika skin regimen with Talika Skintelligence Clever Cleanser - Dry to Normal Skin. This gentle, moisturising formula is reinforced with glisten, an active sequence of amino acids to protect cells from degeneration, and VENUCEANE, a skin regulator that responds to the environment. Your skin is left clean and refreshed, without the...