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Active Purifying Balm

Price ZAR1,680.00

The Active Purifying Balm has a double action. It protects the skin thanks to its natural waxes and purifies and cleanses thanks to its essential oils. The Active Purifying Balm is quickly absorbed with its melting texture. Its essential oils help purify, detoxifyand make the skin supple. The skin is rebalanced and recovers its natural radiance...

No Mo-Stache - 24 Strips

Price ZAR470.00

No Mo-Stache offers 24 single wax strips (12 Double Sided).  Rub the strip in between your hands to heat up wax, pull strip apart, place strip onto skin, rub back and forth for wax to adhere to hair, hold skin taut and pull opposite of hair growth. There is also an aloe cream packet for after waxing for post wax relief.

Purifying Fluid

Price ZAR660.00

THE DISCOVERY OF A PEOPLE WITH FLAWLESS SKINSkin imperfections are unknown to a group of people living in South East Asia, despite being prevalent, especially from puberty onwards. Inspired by this discovery, Laboratoires Novexpert have created different formulas with proven effectiveness.

Vitamin C Brightening Primer SPF 15

Price ZAR1,690.00

Discover the breakthrough in skin priming technology that combines the brightening power of Vitamin C with multiple ‘Ageing-Maintenance’ benefits.Dr Sebagh Vitamin C Brightening Primer SPF 15 instantly smoothes, refreshes and illuminates, filling in lines and giving UV protection. Antioxidant Vitamin C leaves skin brighter and helps to reduce age spots...