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Your career at Metropolitain Cosmetics.
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METROPOLITAIN COSMETICS offers a well informed, unbiased opinion on an edited selection of the best specialist skin care, make up, hair care, fragrance and accessories sourced from around the world.

Over the last decade, METROPOLITAIN COSMETICS has acquired a devoted following of loyal customers and continues to appeal to a wide range of people seeking supreme customer service from staff who know that the products we offer are selected for their quality and performance.

We aim to deliver the highest possible level of customer care. A strong passion for product knowledge is necessary in order to maintain and build on our customer care standards.

Previous retail experience encompassing skin care or cosmetics is ideal but not essential as ongoing training and development are important aspects of the METROPOLITAIN COSMETICS philosophy.

We welcome speculative applications, so please email us at if you are interested in joining METROPOLITAIN COSMETICS.  Please state clearly the type of role that you are interested in.


Beauty Advisor - Sandton City, Melrose Arch & Hyde Park Corner.
Weekend Sales Consultant – Sandton City, Hyde Park Corner & Melrose Arch



1.1 Please send you Curriculum Vitae to :

1.2 Every prospective Candidate must undergo an interview/s and a formal in store orientation which will form the basis upon which Metropolitain Cosmetics will consider an offer of employment.

1.3 An interview will consist of the following processes:

i) Set up of First Interview date on receipt of your CV.
ii) The First Interview, where successful.
iii) Set up of a Second Interview date, usually telephonically or by email.
iv) The Second Interview, where remuneration, job description are outlined in draft, where successful.
v) The Orientation Day, which may be one to two days, where the candidate is assessed in store for final assessment of suitability criteria, where successful.

1.4 We proceed to the confirmation that the candidate has succeeded in the interview process, which is finalised with the signing of the Employment Contract.

Metropolitain Cosmetics Management.


We regret that not all applicants will be interviewed. In the event you do not hear from the company within 21 days after sending your CV, your application shall be deemed unsuccessful. The CV’s of unsuccessful candidates will not be returned.