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Escentric 02

Price ZAR3,030.00

Escentric 02 contains 13.5% Ambroxan* in a formula designed to amplify its mineral note with hedione (green jasmine bud), a ‘gin and tonic’ accord, “and a hint of the Austrian lemonade called almdudler”. Schoen describes the final effect as ‘super-longlasting freshness into the drydown, together with a subtle sensuality.’

Escentric 03

Price ZAR3,030.00

Escentric 03 focuses on Vetiveryl Acetate in a formula that pays tribute to the three roots used in perfumery: vetiver, ginger and orris, which is extracted from the roots of the Florentine iris. “I wanted Escentric 03 to bring out the scent impressions of these roots,” says Geza Schoen, “and show how they harmonise with each other.”

Frapin 1697

Price ZAR3,360.00

A tribute to the year Louis XIV gave his apothecary Pierre Frapin the right to bear a coat of arms. Spice-lashed rum, boozy dried fruit and a floral bouquet soaked in a rich wood, amber and leather base disclose the secret accord between the perfumes you drink and those you wear…


Price ZAR2,940.00

Refreshed by a mojito accord (rum, mint and lime), this suave blond tobacco is enhanced with the liqueur-like richness of immortelle and the hay/almond facets of liatrix and tonka bean.A smooth oriental leather rubbed with rich amber deepens this tawny palette.

Passion Boisée

Price ZAR2,940.00

Against this backdrop, some of the most characteristic aromas of cognac conjure an evocative setting. The warm Christmas smell of tangerine spiked with cloves. The burning spices in a glass of rum. The smoothness of a leather armchair or of a jacket worn soft by years of love.  A whiff of night-time forest through an open window…  

Frapin 1270

Price ZAR2,940.00

Re-orchestrated by Sidonie Lancesseur, its warm-hued palette runs from golden pineapple to candied orange, ambery raisins, purple prunes and russet hazelnuts to the roasted duskiness of cocoa and coffee. Facets of vanilla and smoky guaiac wood evoke an outbreak of vine branches in the fireplace...