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N°6, Scented Candle - 220g

Price ZAR1,480.00

With this scented candle, perfumer Quentin Bisch and Marc-Antoine Barrois have taken up a new challenge, that of creating the olfactory atmosphere of the Maison de Couture, N°6 rue de Budapest in Paris. Combining refinement and conviviality, N°6 offers subtle fruity and spicy nuances, a vibrant amber accord and the elegance of wood and leather...

Frapin Attic Ambiance - Bougie-Candle

Price ZAR495.00

The attic is dry and warm. The scents of the harvest are far in the distance – the attic is full of the ethereal fragrance of dried flowers. Flowers of all sorts – regal iris, dainty violets, lush rose – mingling with ripening fruits and that distinctive dry attic smell of wood...

Frapin Cellar Ambiance - Bougie-Candle

Price ZAR495.00

In the cellar master’s office, time seems to stop moving. An alchemist’s den, a cave, a hushed place where the secrets of the vines were whispered, generation after generation -- a wood-paneled office with barely any openings to the outside world, but bathed in a golden light..

Laundry Eau de lessive AWAITING STOCK - NOTIFY ME

Laundry Eau de lessive

Price ZAR770.00

The BDK laundry water, sensual and addictive, perfumes clothes with a light veil of woody and musky notes. Created for the exhibition "Let's go Logo!" from Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche in Spring 2018, BDK Parfums now offers a white edition, suitable for all types of linen, from light to dark colors. For this capsule project, we made the commitment to develop...

1900 BOX

Price ZAR1,200.00

This limited series Papier d'Arménie® is a reissue of the very first box made in 1900. This box contains 12 Papier d'Arménie® Tradition booklets.