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slimming udvartana cream

Price ZAR700.00

"A combination of traditional ingredients with a patented ingredient to effectively fight against cellulite caused by water retention" 1 Patented Active Ingredient After 3 years of research, Cinq Mondes has chosen to reinvent a millennia-old slimming recipe originating in Indian tradition and Ayurveda. Crème Minceur Udvartana® combines Lipocare®, a...


Price ZAR200.00

Cleansing . Skin Perfecting . Radiance boostingWhat if your daily skin cleansing was the first step of your skin beauty routine?It is now possible thanks to this new generation beauty tool : the vibration brush.Beyond a much faster and efficient removal of makeup and impurities, the vibration cleansing process can also make a difference on the texture...


Price ZAR200.00

The experience of a different depth cleaning. This specific brush head allows for face cleaning with a powerful and gentle motion which is much more effective than a manual method of exfoliation. The micro-exfoliation technology combines a powerful engine with a delicate brush head to clean both gently and thoroughly the skin impurities, make-up, sebum...

Dry Down® Friction-Free Powder

Price ZAR480.00

Keeps skin silky, smooth and dry for enhanced comfort and chafe-free workouts. The ultra-fine, talc-free formula quickly absorbs moisture to offer exceptional protection from friction and irritation, for refreshing comfort in the most demanding environments. Pure Cornstarch, Certified Organic Green Tea and Lavender soothe and refresh skin.

Supreme Body

Price ZAR4,100.00

Experience the ultimate in body care from Dr Sebagh. This NEW, total body treatment has been expertly created by Dr Sebagh to restructure, lift and firm the skin, all over. The innovative, intensive formula is enriched with active contouring ingredients and hyaluronic acid to leave skin deeply moisturised, supple and radiant looking.

Sun & City Protection SPF 50+

Price ZAR2,060.00

Introducing a breakthrough in modern, multi-protection skin care. Dr Sebagh Sun & City Protection SPF 50+ offers all-in-one protection against the challenges of today’s hectic way of life: sunlight, digital light, pollution and oxidative stress...

Endless Summer
  • On sale!

Endless Summer

Price ZAR230.00

These moisturizing and sun protecting lipsticks in fun, pop, surf-inspired shades, give an immediate hit of sunshine to both your face and your mood. Super nourishing and sleek, they are bursting with happy brightness and yet are still sheer enough to wear every day, all year round, whatever the weather.

Aka Shiso Reviving Mineral Shower

Price ZAR530.00

A luxurious shower treatment for an energetic and refreshing start to the day or stress-relieving evening routine. Enriched with five essential minerals (magnesium, zinc, copper, silicon and iron) and replenishing omega-3 from Shiso (Japanese mint), this revitalising shower gel gently cleanses the skin, helps the skin recover its energy potential and...

Concentrated Body Milk Anti-Aging

Price ZAR1,580.00

Anti-Aging & FirmingConcentrated Body Milk Anti-AgingThe concentrated ANTI-AGING & FIRMING body milk is a veritable concentrate of anti-aging technologies: a precious blend of peptides, hyaluronic acid, centella asiatica and sea holly stem cells moisturize and visibly improve skin’s firmness and elasticity while also promoting skin repair....

Excellence Firming Oil

Price ZAR960.00

Taking care of our body to keep a smooth, firm and delicately perfumed skin is as necessary on a daily basis as the care we give to our facial skin care. Weight variations, hormonal changes and inactivity are all so many enemies to our skin.Very quickly and despite a healthy diet or regular exercise, skin problems may occur such as loss of firmness and...

Aromatic Refreshing Foot and Leg Cream

Price ZAR600.00

The Aromatic Refreshing Foot and Leg Cream brings relaxation and freshness to tired feet and heavy legs, it fights against dry heels and softens the skin. The Foot and Leg Cream has a soft, quickly absorbed and non-sticky texture. Its perfume of menthol andlavender essential oils is very refreshing for feet with a tendency to sweat...