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Frapin Cellar Ambiance - Home Fragrance

Price ZAR550.00

In the cellar master’s office, time seems to stop moving. An alchemist’s den, a cave, a hushed place where the secrets of the vines were whispered, generation after generation -- a wood-paneled office with barely any openings to the outside world, but bathed in a golden light..

Laundry Eau de lessive

Price ZAR770.00

The BDK laundry water, sensual and addictive, perfumes clothes with a light veil of woody and musky notes. Created for the exhibition "Let's go Logo!" from Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche in Spring 2018, BDK Parfums now offers a white edition, suitable for all types of linen, from light to dark colors. For this capsule project, we made the commitment to develop...