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Scrubs & Exfoliators


Price ZAR660.00

MECHANICAL PEELING ACTION*: on the skin surface, thanks to the synergy of 3 different sized particles: exfoliating jojoba microspheres, polishing bamboo silica and scrubbing apricot kernel powder. The skin's texture is immediately smoothed, revealing perfect skin! Deep-down BIOLOGICAL PEELING ACTION*: with high tolerance gluconolactone for a magnificient...

Night Repair Exfoliating Cleanser

Price ZAR980.00

The skin does not need to defend itself from environmental factors at this time and can concentrate on healing and revitalizing during a good night’s sleep. Formulated with fine, micronized organic pearls, alongside a sophisticated blend of glycolic, azelaic, malic, citric and lactic acids to gently cleanse, exfoliate and promote cell renewal and collagen...

TDJ Exfoliating Facial Scrub

Price ZAR420.00

Pore refining facial scrub with jojoba seeds gently removes excess dead skin to refines skin texture leaving the skin smooth and bright. Application: 1 -2 times per week. Suitable for all skin types, except acne prone.

RITES exfoliating powder

Price ZAR180.00

he RITES exfoliating powder works to unclog pores and refine the texture of the skin. When combined with the RITES foaming face wash, the RITES exfoliating powder gently buffs away the unhealthy cells on the skins surface to expose the cells underneath. Our RITES exfoliating powder enhances your natural glow by combating blemishes that are caused by...

RITES foaming face wash

Price ZAR180.00

The ultimate daily face wash that fights to remove impurities while leaving your skin feeling fresh, renewed, and matte. The oil control lather works to clarify and purify your skin without stripping it of those essential natural oils, perfect for sensitive or blemished skin. Our gentle yet effective formula will give you clean skin results and clear...


Price ZAR440.00

This care reinvents the traditional scrubbing experience with delicate and effective exfoliation. Its creamy texture becomes a clay powder that binds to dead cells and removes them. Enhances the complexion’s natural radiance and purity. For all skin types.