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Santo Incienso

Price ZAR4,950.00

A woody – spicy Extrait de Parfum by Alexandra Monet.Dense woodland, endlessly green, damp wood scent; tired from the heat, he arrives in a smoky clearing: the Ayahuasca’s ritual is starting. His vision was blurred by the dense smoke; a shaman face is outlined in front of him and immediately disappears. His eyes got closed…


Price ZAR2,990.00

And in the searching for truth and purpose, in the silence of the self, we realize we were never lost, always found. As above, so below….make it so! This is the essence that resonates love, healing and commitment to self-worth, from which all creation flows.


Price ZAR2,990.00

And as Tutankhamon is shown seated on a chest, his lover stands next to him, with bow and arrow at the ready….together they dive deep into ecstatic union, never ending, excruciating, and infinitely beating in time with the Universe.


Price ZAR2,990.00

At the beginning, there was nothing but fluid, and from these waters of Nun, broke a lotus flower, rising above the swamp. When the petals of the lotus flower opened, they opened to reveal the Sun as a new born child. Every time the lotus opens her petals ..….out comes the sun.


Price ZAR2,990.00

One must descend into the underground, crouching low along a low ceilinged passageway to reveal the secrets of the Unas Pyramid at Saqqara. For it is in the quest, the delving deep, the exploring of the self, were the initiate becomes the initiated.


Price ZAR2,990.00

The bloom of a thousand petals. The blue lotus soundlessly submerges every night into river water and miraculously re-blooms the next morning, revealing her crowned blue bejeweled head, sparkling clean, shining bright. A natural evolution of re-birth and spiritual enlightenment.

Gris Charnel Extrait

Price ZAR6,750.00

Concentrated at 30%, Gris Charnel Extrait reveals the intensity of the original signature to extract a richer and more faceted version. A new creation, where the woody essence of patchouli is invited and brings depth to the sandalwood and tonka bean that reveal themselves more textured and warm. Voluptuous, vanilla underlines this trail with an ambery and...

Tobacco Flowers product-img AWAITING STOCK - NOTIFY ME

Tobacco Flowers

Price ZAR0.00

Perfume Extract The success and timeless energy that characterize Fleurs de Tabac make its reissue a necessity. On vaporization, its richness and depth rediscover the colors of a brilliant era. Launched in 1929, it is one of the first “tobaccos” in perfumery, a symbol of elegance and impertinence. Its notes of iris and pipe tobacco, oak moss and tonka,...

Lovers in Pink product-img AWAITING STOCK - NOTIFY ME

Lovers in Pink

Price ZAR0.00

Perfume Extract This Paris of all possibilities is the chosen land of many artists, who find there the source of an abundant impulse. Marc Chagall is one of them, and it is in homage to his work that we have created Lovers in Pink . Inspired by a series of portraits of his wife and muse Bella in red, pink and blue tones, the composition invents a color...

Gold of the islands product-img AWAITING STOCK - NOTIFY ME

Gold of the islands

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Perfume Extract Another exoticism is told in the bottle of Or des Iles , heavenly, burning. Like a kaleidoscope of fantasy offered by the turquoise seas, immersed in the thick air of lush vegetation.Painted by Gauguin at the beginning of the century, the Tropics are the occasion of a renaissance of art. This island dream inspired a creation with a citrus...

Adhara Oud product-img AWAITING STOCK - NOTIFY ME

Adhara Oud

Price ZAR0.00

Perfume Extract In the original use of perfume, incense uplifts and purifies. Majestic, mysterious and seductive, oud wood is its most precious essence. It is found in the way of Japanese incense - Kodo - but also in Middle Eastern rituals.In Adhara Oud , star material meets rose absolute and geranium leaf, intensified by a leather accord and patchouli....

Edo Park product-img AWAITING STOCK - NOTIFY ME

Edo Park

Price ZAR0.00

Perfume Extract The world opens up, cultures discover each other, embrace each other, get closer. The Orient inspires novelists and painters, philosophers and perfumers. Edo Park is the olfactory image of Japan in the eyes of Europe. A no-brainer: osmanthus.Mythical flower of Asian culture, it is at the center of the composition. The woods call for...