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Intense Line Filler skin smoothing NectarBYE BYE WRINKLES !XIM•UP Nectar, high-viscosity sap, works intensively to reduce the depth and volume of wrinkles by filling out the hypodermis, tissue composed of adipocyte cells which store fat and provide the skin with the support it needs to ensure volume and harmony for the whole face...

Clinical Corrector Eye Anti-Aging Illuminator

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Instantly brightens eye area and conceals skin imperfections.Clinical Corrector Anti-Aging Eye IlluminatorStriVectin’s Clinical Corrector Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Illuminator combines the benefits of a BB cream with the qualities of an anti-wrinkle face cream for one extraordinary formula that instantly minimizes surface flaws for a fresh, glowing,...

The Instant Lifting Serum

Perfect for all skin types.The Express Beauty Enhancer – labelled as the next generation of serum has incredible double lifting action (vertical and horizontal) which tightens skin in less than five minutes with effects lasting several hours. The Instant Lifting Serum contains raspberry and apple complex, adding lasting radiance to the face.

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The Repulp Mask

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Baby Soft Skin in 10 minutes. Perfect for normal to dry skin types. An excellent product to add to your beauty regime! The Repulp Mask instantly restores comfort giving baby soft skin in 10 minutes and can be used to complement the Repulp Cream. Repulp Mask re-plumps, rehydrates and regenerates deeply to soothe, restore, repair and repulp your skin.


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MECHANICAL PEELING ACTION*: on the skin surface, thanks to the synergy of 3 different sized particles: exfoliating jojoba microspheres, polishing bamboo silica and scrubbing apricot kernel powder. The skin's texture is immediately smoothed, revealing perfect skin! Deep-down BIOLOGICAL PEELING ACTION*: with high tolerance gluconolactone for a magnificient...

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"HEALTHY GLOW" effect*: A healthy glow and flawless complexion are the first visible results provided by this skin enhancing product with an ultra-natural finish. Radiance-boosting action is reinforced by a botanical active ingredient that stimulates and prolongs the tan. SMOOTHER skin texture*: A patented anti-aging complex of seaweed and sugar,...