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Buveur De Vent

Price ZAR3,700.00

The legend of the WIND DRINKER   Born from the saddle leather of a wild creature Trailing its powerful fragrance as it passes, Stallion of light with fabulous strength Created by a god from long ago Whose power gives glory to his faithful Exalted adornment like no other

Tapis Volant

Price ZAR3,700.00

The legend of the FLYING CARPET   Born from a weightless dream of imaginary flight Enchanted vehicle of a solar journey Aerial magic with breathtaking maneuvers Sensational fragrances that make you dizzy Golden, oriental carpet caressed by the sky In never-ending waves silken and sensual

Fleur de Sable

Price ZAR3,700.00

The legend of the SAND FLOWER   Born from the whim of a whipping desert wind Buried treasure, laid bare by a hot scented breeze Salty, crystal petals baptized with dew Liquid spark with delicately spicy hints Its unique perfume is equaled only by its rarity Queen of the dunes forever nourished by its boldness

Beauté du Diable

Price ZAR4,950.00

Would you be willing to sell your soul to the Devil to possess his perfume? This essence is part of his powers, of his eternal seduction.Its fascinating composition reveals to us scented vapours with many facets, somewhere between beauty and peculiarity. Indomitable and elusive.