Whitening Dentistry

Biocare Toothcream 100ml

Price ZAR480.00

Strengthening and protecting toothcream, which prevents new stains. SWISSDENT BIOCARE was developed with a novel combination of active ingredients to strengthen the tooth surface and prevent sensitivity – for healthy and strong teeth. The active ingredients accumulate even to the smallest cracks in the enamel thus inhibiting new discolourations. Alpha...


Price ZAR215.00

Strong formula for immediate fresh breath with whitening effect. Ingredients and effectivenessPatented Oxygard® technology: Whitening effect in combination with the Extreme /Gentle toothpaste, University StudyNeutralises odours from smoke, coffee, aromatic food like even garlicLong lasting effectFluoride freeSuitable for very sensitive teeth


Price ZAR475.00

CHARWHITE is an all natural teeth whitening powder. We only use the finest powder possible to ensure enamel safety. When CHARWHITE touches saliva the absorption process starts and pulls out discoloration and stains. As result you will have a beautiful and natural white smile when used daily.