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Immediate REPULP*: Two pure hyaluronic acids fill in lines from within.Increased FIRMNESS in 21 days*: Ultra-effective seaweed, combined with commiphora, stimulates collagen and adipocytes for spectacular anti-slackening skin results* Use test among 50 consumers over a 28 day period.The 1st anti-aging care guaranteed and certified:0% chemical, 0%...

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The Expert Anti-Ageing Cream

Price ZAR795.00

More COMFORT in 3 days*: Intense nourishing action thanks to omegas 3, 6 & 9, shea butter and macadamia oil.Enhanced RADIANCE in 7 days*: Corrective action for a radiant complexion thanks to a complex of light-reflecting and antioxydant ingredients. SMOOTHER skin in 28 days*: A concentration of exceptionally high-performance anti-aging ingredients...

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The Expert Anti-Ageing Fluid

Price ZAR850.00

SUPPLE skin in 2 days*: A "velvety" soft texture brimming with moisture-replenishing ingredients : aloe vera gel, botanical origin glycerin, primrose... RADIANT complexion in 7 days*: corrective action for a radiant complexion thanks to a complex of light-reflecting and antioxydant ingredients. SMOOTHER skin in 28 days*: A concentration of exceptionally...


10% TRIO-PEELING COMPLEX*: Gluconolactone + glycolic ac. + lactic ac. Extraordinary "RENEWED SKIN" effect*: on all skin types, thanks to progressive micro-peeling action. Upon waking, the skin's texture is visibly smoother, refined and incredibly soft. "RADIANCE ENHANCING": action adds greater luminosity and evenness to the complexion for perfectly...


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A cream and a serum combined together providing a global skin nutrients matrix. • Promotes the synthesis of hyaluronic acid (the Hyalurogenic® effect)• Anti-wrinkles• Ultra-moisturizing• Stimulates cellular renewal• Lipid-replenishing• Protects skin from external agressions    

DAY CREAM (50ml)

Price ZAR1,180.00

The CRÈME DE JOUR is an emulsion whose fine and creamy texture is especially formulated to moisturize and protect the skin throughout the day. Its anti-pollution filter and antioxidant activity protect the skin against environmental damages (thermal shock, pollution, air conditioning). Energizing and relaxing, it relieves tightness and revives the...


Price ZAR1,580.00

The CRÈME DE NUIT is a rich emulsion specially formulated to work overnight, a key period for cellular regeneration. A repairing nourishing concentrate, it activates the skin’s natural purification metabolism and regenerates dermal stem cell activity, powerfully stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis. Combined with the...

Supreme Night Secret

Price ZAR4,500.00

Wake up to radiant skin. Voted ‘Best Night Cream for Mature Skin’ by Harper’s Bazaar, this luxurious, deeply regenerating cream works with the skin’s natural body clock for visibly glowing results.For the ultimate overnight skin treat, mix with a few drops of Serum Repair to plump and hydrate. Mix with Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream to brighten dull skin.