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THE REPULP CREAM product-img
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A cream? More like an infusion of Hyaluronic Acid in an emulsion! The result is a plumping action and a firming effect approved by over 77%** of testers.

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The Expert Anti-Ageing Fluid

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What if your skin didn't have to age?It is not magic, it is epigenetic. Novaxyline has the power to turn back time so that your cells can regain their youthful function. By infusing this epigenetic prowess into the heart of Expert Anti-Aging Fluid, the skin regains its elasticity in a few weeks in 95% of volunteers.

Vital Cream

Price ZAR1,890.00

Billed the "wonder cream" by Glamour magazine, this lightweight, deeply moisturising revitaliser with anti-ageging peptides protects skin against the premature signs of ageing. Ideal for normal to slightly dry skin.

Supreme Night Secret

Price ZAR5,250.00

Wake up to radiant skin. Voted ‘Best Night Cream for Mature Skin’ by Harper’s Bazaar, this luxurious, deeply regenerating cream works with the skin’s natural body clock for visibly glowing results.For the ultimate overnight skin treat, mix with a few drops of Serum Repair to plump and hydrate. Mix with Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream to brighten dull skin.

Extreme Maintenance Cream AWAITING STOCK - NOTIFY ME

Extreme Maintenance Cream

Price ZAR2,980.00

This luxurious, ultra-rich cream is specifically designed for dry skin. Its fusion of biotech ingredients enables you to achieve a protected, healthy and naturally flawless complexion. Extreme comfort, hydration and protection are the primary goals of this all-in-one formula.

High Maintenance Cream

Price ZAR2,890.00

Voted 'Best Winter Skin Cream' by Harper's Bazaar, this is a luxurious, all-in-one moisturiser with anti-ageing growth factors, pollution film and ceramides to restore the skin barrier. Ideal for combination skin.

Hydro Biotic Fluid product-img
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Hydro Biotic Fluid

Regular price ZAR560.00 -25% Price ZAR420.00

For skin that is... skin.Your sensitive skin flares up at the drop of a hat...The culprits? Your cutaneous nerve endings. With the help of your brain, they overreact up to 4 times more intensely than normal skin.Gorged with Magnesium, the Hydro-Biotic Gentle Fluid tames your rebellious skin and soothes it in 100% of cases, from the1st use*.

Hydro Biotic Cream product-img
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Hydro Biotic Cream

Regular price ZAR566.66 -25% Price ZAR425.00

A triple effet care :Hydro :Fixes water in the stratum corneumDeacrease epideral water lossesStimulates the cutaneous lipidic synthesis= Hydro-lipidic layer restored

Supreme Neck Lift

Price ZAR3,350.00

Dr Sebagh Supreme Neck Lift boosts and restores the skin’s firmness and elasticity to the neck and décolleté using a potent concentration of active ingredients to produce impressive and discernible results within weeks of regular use.

Supreme Day Cream

Price ZAR4,450.00

Triple Protecting, Hydrating & Restoring Face CreamSupreme Day Cream takes daily protection against environmental damage to a new level. This pioneering, “Ageing-Maintenance” moisturiser helps to shield skin against High Energy Visible light (HEV/daylight), also emitted by laptops, tablets, mobile phones and LED lights and more...

Aqualixir Ultra Hydrating...
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Aqualixir Ultra Hydrating Serum

Regular price ZAR1,940.00 -30% Price ZAR1,358.00

Ultra hydrating serum with A.H.E complex First deep moisturiser, the AQUALIXIR is an innovative, high-powered serum. It acts as thousands of internal sponge filled with water to assure an optimal hydration of the skin. Hydrate, repair, sublimate... +30% of moisturizing of the superficial skin layersat 8 hours ** +19% long lasting moisturizing of...