Make Up Removers

Make Up Removers

Foaming Cleanser

Price ZAR760.00

The deeply purifying wash removes the dirt, debris, makeup and mascara but also takes care not to disturb the skin's barrier function.Voted 'Best wash-off cleanser' by InStyle, Dr Sebagh Foaming Cleanser deeply purifies the skin and removes even the most stubborn traces of make-up (including mascara)...

Radiant Micellar Cleansing Water

Price ZAR500.00

Rid skin of makeup, dirt and impurities whilst hydrating, smoothing and boosting radiance with this highly effective micellar water formulation. Developed for twice daily use, a blend of cornflower and chamomile waters and hyaluronic acid act to gently yet visibly decongest, soften and soothe complexion as well as prepping skin for subsequent treatments.


Price ZAR300.00

The Cleansing Water with softening peony eliminates all traces of make-up and impurities in a simple gesture. It respects the balance of all skin types, even the most sensitive. The skin stays soft and hydrated. Your face, even without make-up, needs daily cleansing. Every day, dust, pollution, pollen clog the pores of the epidermis and in order to...

Face Cleansing Gel

Price ZAR435.00

The Face Cleansing Gel with jojoba pearls, with its light and delicately foaming texture, cleanses the face. The jojoba pearls gently remove the impurities and leave the skin feeling soft and clear. The Face Cleaning Gel, enriched in calendula extract, enables non-aggressive water cleansing, even for sensitive skin. Jojoba pearls cleanse deeply the...

Pure Freshness Toner

Price ZAR435.00

Used to remove the last traces of make-up/surplus of other skincare over the face and the neck, the Pure Freshness Toner refreshes and tones the skin preparing it to receive the benefits of your daily skincare routine. This toner without alcohol purifies and helps maintain skin moisture. It tones the skin, bringing afresh and rested complexion to it. It...


Price ZAR450.00

eye makeup remover + lash enhancerThis multitasking eye makeup remover creates a foamy lather to gently remove makeup and help you create healthier looking lashes. The lash enhancing complex fortifies your lashes, while the micellar technology gently dissolves all eye makeup, even waterproof...