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Make Up Removers

Make Up Removers

Foaming Cleanser

Price ZAR850.00

The deeply purifying wash removes the dirt, debris, makeup and mascara but also takes care not to disturb the skin's barrier function.Voted 'Best wash-off cleanser' by InStyle, Dr Sebagh Foaming Cleanser deeply purifies the skin and removes even the most stubborn traces of make-up (including mascara)...

Micellar Water with... product-img
  • Reduced price

Micellar Water with Hyaluronic Acid

Regular price ZAR400.00 -25% Price ZAR300.00

A cleanser that has the luxury of being a treatment!This micellar water combines the effectiveness of a cleanser and a makeup remover without rinsing with the performance of a moisturizing and revitalizing care full of Hyaluronic Acid.For your skin, it's a winning equation thanks to this 4-in-1 formula

Pure Freshness Toner
  • Reduced price

Pure Freshness Toner

Regular price ZAR720.00 -30% Price ZAR504.00

Used to remove the last traces of make-up/surplus of other skincare over the face and the neck, the Pure Freshness Toner refreshes and tones the skin preparing it to receive the benefits of your daily skincare routine. This toner without alcohol purifies and helps maintain skin moisture. It tones the skin, bringing afresh and rested complexion to it. It...

Lash Conditioning Cleanser

Price ZAR510.00

This non-greasy makeup remover and treatment, the very first developed by the Talika Research team in 1999, completely eliminates all traces of makeup around the eyes: mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, dark circle treatment, eyebrow pencils, and more... including waterproof cosmetics. Its cornflower water and silk proteins provide a soothing effect, while...

Baume de Rose Micellar Water

Price ZAR790.00

Micellar water. Effective face cleanser. Infused with hydrating rose extracts. Fragrance-free. All skin types.This supercharged micellar water effortlessly removes dirt and oil, cleansing skin at a micro-level to leave it thoroughly detoxed and renewed.

Baume de Rose Beauty Toner

Price ZAR890.00

Rose water toner. Infused with actual rose petals. Hydrates, revitalizes, and balances all skin types.A hydrating rose water toner that tightens and tones skin after cleansing. Works on all skin types. This skin-transforming beauty toner stars a potent blend of real rose petals and hydrating rose extracts to refresh and plump the skin, infusing it with...

Baume de Rose Biphase Makeup Remover

Price ZAR890.00

Makeup remover. Two phases. Oil and water-based cleanser. Infused with rose oils. Removes waterproof and long-lasting makeup. An effective makeup remover for all skin types, combining two phases of oil and water that are mixed together when you shake the bottle...