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Eye Liner

Blinc Eyeliner - Black

Price ZAR730.00

If you're looking for a great all-day eye liner, waterproof brands aren't your answer. You need our water-resistant eyeliner.Recently rated as a "beauty breakthrough" by PREVENTION Magazine, blinc offers this innovative water resistant, no-smudge eyeliner. Liquid and easily applied, blinc eyeliner forms a water-resistant layer of color that contours to...

Eye Pencil

Price ZAR105.00

Eye Pencils define the eye contour to create intense yet gentle eyes. Their texture facilitates application and ensures impeccable hold all day long. An intense or a more discrete look… Create your own look by experimenting with the Eye Pencils: iridescent, metallic, matt or intense.

Crayon Khol Terrybly

Price ZAR545.00

COLOUR EYE PENCILHigh-precision, waterproof eye pencil for bold and glamorous eyes. Whether you prefer subtle or striking eye makeup, this liner is the ideal choice because of its versatility. The easy-to-use, glide-on tip defines the contours of the eyes and applies deeply intense matte and ultra-iridescent colour...

Ligne Blackstar

Price ZAR630.00

INTENSE LIQUID EYELINER PRECISE TATTOOThis waterproof eyeliner with tattoo-like precision is a true eye-enhancing ink pen. This easy-to-use felt tip liner featuring aqua-emulsion ink glides on effortlessly, allowing you to create demure or smoldering eyes, with a fine or diagonal line, for a chic and incredibly stylish look.

Eyebrow Liner - No. 1 Blonde

Price ZAR450.00

COLOUR-STAIN PENThe perfect tool for excessively plucked, irregular or asymmetrical eyebrows, the liner comes with a high-precision felt-tip nib that shapes, defines and fills brows. The rapidly drying ink formula promises smudge-free application and long-lasting hold. Opt for subtle colour in the day or layer for a more dramatic look come evening.

Stylo Blackstar

Price ZAR530.00

3 IN 1 EYESHADOW STICKThis precise waterproof stick with integrated sharpener can be used as an eyeshadow, eyeliner or eye contour for easy, glamorous makeup in the blink of an eye. Enriched with silk absolute to provide ultra-comfortable wear, the lightweight, creamy texture illuminates the eyes with magnetic matte to shimmering colours that can be...


Price ZAR210.00

define + boost lash growth + black velvet finishA two-in-one eyeliner infused with Optiwide complex to boost lash growth while creating the perfect line to subtly accentuate or reveal a more dramatic eye look. The carbon black fluid texture and precision tip enable quick and effortless application with an intense, long-lasting effect. Get beautifully...


Price ZAR730.00

This felt-tipped liquid eyeliner pen provides precise, water-proof, opaque black lines that cannot fade, smudge or run, even if you cry or rub your eyes. Only when you are ready, the eyeliner can easily be removed with the combination of water and pressure in one even layer, effortlessly sliding off your skin with no mess. Color: Black