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Tea to Tan Face & Body

Price ZAR1,430.00

HYDRA-BRONZE SHAKER SPRAY ALLOVER WATER-MISTAn Aqua Bronzer formulated with Native Active Water from tea. Creates a watercolour effect, without transfer, budge, smudge and without self-tanning agent. By shaking the bottle before use, you can create a glimmering result by evenly mixing the fine pearlescent particles... By Terry - Tea To Tan Application...

Terrybly Densiliss ® Sun Glow

Price ZAR1,815.00

ANTI-WRINKLE BLUR BRONZING SÉRUMThis tinted bronzing serum is enriched with active ingredients to control wrinkles while smoothing and firming the skin to ensure a flawless, sheer tan. Lifting contours, smoothing facial features and creating a natural, second-skin tanned effect, the finished result is a fresh, sun-kissed complexion bursting with vitality...

Self-Tanning Drops

Price ZAR1,315.00

Introducing a new generation of intelligent self-tanner: Dr Sebagh Self-Tanning Drops deliver a radiant and healthy-looking, sun-free glow whilst helping to shield skin against the ageing effects of High Energy Visible (HEV) light/daylight. This blue/violet light is also emitted by smartphones, tablets and laptops...