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Soleil Terrybly

Price ZAR1,260.00

HYDRA-BRONZING TINTED SERUMAlready a cult product, this bronzer with a serum-like texture lights up the skin with amber radiance. Deeply stimulating melanin for a progressive and lasting tan, this formula creates a holiday glow without using chemical self-tanning molecules. Soft-Focus agents ‘Spectro Light’ eradicates dullness and creates a luminous,...

Serum Terrybly Sunbooster

Price ZAR1,430.00

AUTO-RADIANT® INTENSIVE MOISTURIZERHate fake tan? Serum Terrybly Sunbooster is the next-generation alternative. The unique self-tanning serum works gradually to give skin an even, deep tan without relying on chemicals, while simultaneously protecting skin against harmful UV rays. The formula’s exclusive Auto-Radiant® technology activates, regulates and...

Glow-Expert Duo Stick

Price ZAR800.00

HYBRID ILLUMINATOR TWO-TONE FACE SCULPTINGBlush | Bronzer | Highlighter Two-tone, 3-in-1 glow stick inspired by the latest contouring and strobing techniques, this product comes complete with an integrated blending brush. Enriched with glow-reflecting prisms and light-corrective micro-spheres, the formula enhances facial features for a natural,...