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Shavette Straight Razor

Price ZAR330.00

Like it’s big brother, the Shavette Straight Razor is sophisticated and smooth, but a lot easier to use.Instead of using 5 tiny blades in tandem like a modern shaver, a single blade razor like the Shavette spreads pressure over a smaller surface area, allowing for a much closer shave. Science, eh?

Men Rock Double Edged Razor Blades

Price ZAR70.00

A box (or tuck to use the correct word) of five of the very finest double edge razor blades.Designed for use with The Men Rock Shavette, the Men Rock Double Edged Razor and will fit most other similar instruments. Please take care when handling the blades as they are very sharp (as you’d hope!)(5 Men Rock branded blades per box)

The Shaving Brush

Price ZAR390.00

A must have for wet shavers everywhere and when used with our shaving cream is essential to experiencing the smooth outcome of the traditional close shave. A fine quality shaving brush made from synthatic hair complete with the Men Rock Logo. Usually a wet shave results in a closer shave compared to that of an electric razor or some wretched supermarket...

1714 A.D. Beard Soap

Price ZAR320.00

An homage to one of the most iconic fragrances in men’s perfumery.The 1714 A.D. Beard Shampoo is filled to the brim with the sumptuous scents of bergamot and cedar found in John Farinas original Eau de Cologne.

1714 A.D. Beard Balm

Price ZAR390.00

In homage to that timeless fragrance, our 1714 A.D. Soothing Beard Balm blends bergamot with rich notes of cedar culminating a soft but memorable smelling beard balm.Unlike other frankly inferior beard oils and beard care products, our 1714 A.D. beard balm massages in effortlessly, keeping your bristles soft to the touch without leaving your skin feeling...

Soothing Oak Moss Beard Balm

Price ZAR390.00

Beard Balm is an absolute essential when it comes to beard grooming like a pro.You can try and grow your beard au natural and leave out the beard balm altogether, but there’s a very good chance you’ll end up looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway…

Sicilian Lime & Caffeine Beard Balm

Price ZAR390.00

Like a beardy breath of fresh air, our awakening beard balm is just that, – awakening!If the zesty citrus notes of Sicilian Lime aren’t enough to give you some get up and go with your morning beard wash, the active caffeine ingredient will seriously kick-start your day....