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 There are moments in a woman's life when the champagne should be excellent and French and the diamonds had better be real. Sometimes second best just will not do. Isabey Gardenia is the ultimate, splurge-worthy, Rembrandt of gardenia scents. Luminous and sensual, this captures the true essence of this bewitching bloom – it seems like you are holding the...

La Route d'Emeraude

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 “La Route d'Emeraude” is inspired, with a touch of nostalgia, by the journey leading to the Emerald Triangle (Thailand, Laos and Cambodia), filled with the scents of Jasmine Sambac and blooming flowers. Many Orient lovers took the path to these faraway lands and experimented sensations that are recaptured in this edition of the mythical perfume...

Lys Noir

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First launched in 1924, Lys Noir is a reedition which has kept the iconic art deco codes of Isabey. The mysterious black bottle with silver Lys flowers is presented in a luxurious Coffret. Black pepper spices this bouquet of white flowers dominated by Lys. Woody notes wrap the whole with softness. Lys Noir is for women imposing their style with elegance.

Le secret d' Arielle -...

Price ZAR4,990.00

The perfume extract is the most luxurious and most valuable concentration of traditional perfumery. It is the essence of the fragrance, which retains only the most intense juices, the most emotional notes. That's the Secret Arielle, this precious nectar made in the purest French tradition. Head, innocent white, pink berries and iris. In the heart, a...

Le 15 - Limited Edition

Price ZAR2,990.00

"Incense and Myrrh facets on a sacred wood structure, the Palo Santo, a mystical composition that captivates just like the shaman's poem, an ode to the Eternal rooted in a sensual and powerful scent." Luc GABRIEL"Nutmeg and Calabre Bergamot in order to bring its freshness and contrast. The precious Musk welcomes the woody composition of the note for more...

Santo Incienso

A woody – spicy Extrait de Parfum by Alexandra Monet.Dense woodland, endlessly green, damp wood scent; tired from the heat, he arrives in a smoky clearing: the Ayahuasca’s ritual is starting. His vision was blurred by the dense smoke; a shaman face is outlined in front of him and immediately disappears. His eyes got closed…