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Repulp Gel

A gel? Rather an infusion of Hyaluronic Acid mounted in emulsion! With the key, a plumping action and a firmness effect acclaimed by more than 96% of testers **.

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Our mirror is sometimes without appeal and the science is formal ... The face dug at the end of the day has an explanation much stronger than the stress: the loss in Hyaluronic Acid (AH). This ubiquitous gel in all layers of your skin is also responsible for these faces rebounded in babies and less natural on some actresses after an excess of injection!

The solution seems simple: develop a cream highly concentrated in HA. Yes, but putting a lot of them produces such a sticky texture that even silicones can not solve this problem. And silicones are forbidden ... at Novexpert!

It took no less than 396 galenic trials to finally get a silky texture that will act as a "slimming upside down". A plumped skin and features smoothed from the first application. And without sticking!


Apply on the entire face and neck, penetrate by circular massage. Let the cream penetrate 5 minutes before makeup.
Frequency of use: morning and / or evening.

What else?

Change of ritual according to the climate (travel) or seasons.
In winter: 2 drops of Serum Booster with Hyaluronic Acid before the Repulp Gel.
In summer: Spray Hydro-Tonic Mist before the Repulp Gel.


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