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360° Protective Shield + Selfie Perfect Skincare


How can I achieve the “360° shield” effect ?

My skin is combination to oily

To be used by itself or over a serum.

My skin is oily-prone or blemished

To be used by itself.

My skin is dry to very dry

To be mixed with 1 or 2 drops of oil (e.g. sweet  almond oil) With or without a serum or day cream

Tax excluded


Protects against the extremely harmful effects of our everyday environment.


Makes you naturally more photogenic and beautifies the skin as soon as it is applied.

Protects against the effects of stress on the skin

Stress causes a chemical reaction in our body; it forces it to make hormones, especially cortisol, which generates chain imbalance reactions… When cortisol is released, the blood sugar level increases, it then promotes a process called glycation, which damages collagen, hardens it, and increases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Stress makes the skin sensitive and reactive, damages its protective qualities, encourages the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, reduces the natural production of hyaluronic acid which fights against dry skin and also affects the beauty of our complexion… In short- stress is enemy number 1, ahead of environmental issues, because it reduces our own defences. Our skin is in the front line and that is the main cause of the damage! The PIT’NJOY treatment triggers beta-endorphins that “de-stress” the skin on application.

The PIT’NJOY formula combats stress and destructive cortisol thanks to its ability to trigger beta-endorphins ! “Beta-endorphins” are released by our brain, but also by our keratynocytes. They vastly improve the skin’s hydration and fight very significantly against the distortion of the skin barrier.
As soon as it is applied, PIT’NJOY skincare triggers beta-endorphins that “destress” the skin.

The result of applying the PIT’NJOY product is a decrease of 75% in skin stress and an increase of 164% in beta endorphins and the skin’s resistance to internal stresses (psychological stress or tiredness) considerably increases, thus improving all the parameters of beautiful and healthy skin and it shows INSTANTLY !

Protects Against Air Pollution

In the world today, we are constantly and passively subjected to ever-increasing environmental pollution.

Through its innovative formula, PIT’NJOY fights against the harmful effects of environmental pollution thanks to a combination of active ingredients of natural and plant origin, patented for their effectiveness (protection + repair).

Protects against daily UV exposure and overexposure to blue light

Every day, we are exposed to something called “Daily UV”. It comes from natural daylight or from our overexposure to artificial lighting and blue light from screens. This natural and digital pollution has harmful effects on skin’s natural beauty: skin oxidation, accelerated ageing due to inflammation, appearance of pigmentation spots… PIT’NJOY treatments protect against “Daily UV” without adding chemical or mineral filters.

PIT’NJOY skincare protects against daily UV exposure without the addition of chemical or mineral filters.
Note: PIT’NJOY is not a sunscreen product in the true sense of the word and has therefore chosen not to use chemical or mineral filters in its formula to protect us from Daily UV rays. In fact, with the exception of their justified use during intense exposure to the sun, the use of these chemical filters in daily treatments is controversial due to the risk of cellular toxicity that they could entail.
Selfie perfect beautifying skincare
The PIT’NJOY formula contains a set of natural active ingredients that transform the skin and visibly improve its appearance upon application. Feeling bad about yourself and not liking your image is a vicious circle, because by obsessing about the flaws in your skin or your appearance, you only add stress to the stress… PIT’NJOY is able to transform the appearance of your skin in a flash; it makes it matte and velvety, able to capture light and reduce the appearance of flaws- all in a completely natural way. With or without make-up, you will no longer have doubts about the appearance of your skin, even under extreme conditions (tiredness, lack of sleep, heat, etc.)

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