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The noisy vigour of a feast shared in a rustic, friendly and lively atmosphere is followed by a more subdued moment

Iconic manufacturing secret giving its signature to the cognac, the "bonne chauffe" is the second distillation in a still of this spirit of character. The Maison Frapin offers you here, a powerful fragrance inspired by the burning fire; the one that heats, illuminates, forges and awakens the senses. Twigs, dried roots and shavings mingle with oak logs to provide warmth and protection in a flaming combustion with a thick veil of smoke. The fireplace crackles and embraces the air with its blaze.

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Around the barely glowing embers, the drinks are passed from hand to hand. The final smouldering and glistening bark is mixed with the balmy, round scent of chocolate and honey. After a long day working, the scents of sweet liquor, vanilla milk and French coffee reward body and soul.

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TOP NOTES: Davana oil LMR, pepper oil black Madagascar LMR

HEART NOTES: Oakwood CO2 LMR, bran absolute LMR, dark plum

BASE NOTES: Patchouli heart 3 LMR, cedarwood heart Virginia LMR, benzoin resinoid Siam, vetiver oil Java MD LMR