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CODAGE Paris is a new generation of french skincare that provides daily nutrition to your skin through an exclusive wardrobe of high-performance serums designed to mix and match and solve every major skin concerns. CODAGE in French means "code": every formula is an intricate code that uses precise dosage and synergistic combinations to target the specific individual needs of both men and women with any skin type.

Inherited from the traditional French pharmacy, CODAGE Paris is conducted by a brother and sister duo, Julien and Amandine Azencott, heirs of a long tradition of cosmetology and recognized as the "Ambassadors of the new generation of the beauty made in France. As French creators, aesthetics inspire the sensuality of their textures and the refinement of theirs preparations, for a subtle and exhaustive offer of serums and other skincare products. Excelling in the art of formulation "à la française" and through extensive research, CODAGE Paris cultivates efficacy with style, for a contemporary vision of skincare. All products are respectful of the most sensitive skin, not tested on animals, and are ceritfied paraben-free, essential oil-free and phtalate-free.

Serum n°03 - Radiance & Energy

Price ZAR790.00

SERUM N°03 is a genuine elixir of cellular replenishment, especially formulated to detoxify and restore brightness to lacklustre skin. A concentrate of active nutrition, this skincare quickly erases signs of fatigue and revitalizes skin. Soothing agents relax drawn-looking skin and provide an efficient response to prevent and correct the first signs of...

Serum n°05 - Anti-aging

Price ZAR890.00

SERUM N°05 is a concentrated anti-aging formula which prevents and corrects the main signs of aging. Its bio-stimulating action optimizes and protects the adult dermal stem cell function and boosts the synthesis of the cutaneous membrane's fundamental elements (collagens & fibroblasts). Combined with relaxing, lifting and antioxidant agents, this...

Moisturizing Mask
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Moisturizing Mask

Price ZAR390.00

The MASQUE HYDRATANT (Moisturizing Mask) is an intensely nourishing emulsion that regenerates and moisturizes dry skin which lacks vitality. This complete and nourishing skincare enriched with many oils and plant-based waxes, strengthens the hydrolipidic layer and reconstructs the cutaneous barrier. An enzymatic peel gently acts to stimulate cell renewal...

Purifying Mask

Price ZAR390.00

The MASQUE PURIFIANT (Purifying Mask) is a white clay and bamboo powder-based emulsion formulated for combined to oily skins. A truly purifying film, this mask's in depth cleansing unclogs pores, eliminates impurities and absorbs excess sebum. Within a few minutes, skin is left soft, comfortable and completely matified. The complexion is brightened with a...

Fall In Love

Price ZAR990.00

FALL IN LOVE is the special fall edition to recharge the skin in essential resources before winter. Moisturizing, repairing, antioxidant and anti-pollution, this serum helps to rebuild the skin's matrix and equips it with all the necessary defences to effectively face the harsh seasonal changes ahead. Detoxifying, energizing and anti-blemish active...

Concentrated Body Milk Anti-Aging

Price ZAR1,580.00

Anti-Aging & FirmingConcentrated Body Milk Anti-AgingThe concentrated ANTI-AGING & FIRMING body milk is a veritable concentrate of anti-aging technologies: a precious blend of peptides, hyaluronic acid, centella asiatica and sea holly stem cells moisturize and visibly improve skin’s firmness and elasticity while also promoting skin repair....

Slimming & Drainage Concentrated Body Milk Slimming

Price ZAR540.00

The Concentrated Body Milk SLIMMING & DRAINAGE is a gel-cream which burns and prevents the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. Its unique formula, highly concentrated in encapsulated caffeine, acts at the heart of the adipose tissue to effectively combat cellulite and the “orange-peel” effect. Also enriched with macadamia oil and pink pepper extract,...