Dream Of Beauty -

Veld's Founder JOYCE MUSY, the creative soul of VELD’S and a pioneer, on a quest for global beauty for women!

A woman of character who loves to feel beautiful and to feel good, Joyce Musy started her career as a model in the 1980s during which she strode down the runways for the most celebrated French fashion designers.

Those years on the podiums permitted Joyce Musy to acquire a strong sense of fashion as well as beauty and to reluctantly observe the harmful effects on the skin of repeated makeup sessions during the fashion shows, and the stress of shootings and traveling.

She very early on became aware of the fragility of the skin and the lack of real solutions, of a beauty treatment that would give the skin back the substance, radiance and density of youth.

An “extraordinary” skincare product that would act in depth, but that would also provide the face with a visible and instant beauty makeover.

From one meeting to the next, over the following years, Joyce Musy became acquainted with the medical field and formed friendships with aesthetic surgeons and internationally renowned researchers, which allowed her to understand the skin’s mechanisms.

Joyce saw up close the evolution of aesthetic medicine techniques that, while opening up still more specialized possibilities, left sometimes the quality, health and beauty of women’s skin aside.

Armed with this observation, Joyce launched into a new battle: she decided to look for a new and original solution with scientists specialized in bio-botanic to provide women with a global and natural response to beauty and anti-aging solutions .


Price ZAR1,250.00

Intense Line Filler skin smoothing NectarBYE BYE WRINKLES !XIM•UP Nectar, high-viscosity sap, works intensively to reduce the depth and volume of wrinkles by filling out the hypodermis, tissue composed of adipocyte cells which store fat and provide the skin with the support it needs to ensure volume and harmony for the whole face...

Colour On Demand

Price ZAR560.00

  This concentrated color adapter can be used to customize your face, body, eye cream, or any liquid makeup product such as foundation or concealer.   The quality of your skin varies from day to day depending on your environment, your diet, and sometimes stress levels and hormones.   Different products are needed for different moods or situations...