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Cosmetics 27

Cosmetics 27

Michèle Evrard, pharmacist and skincare expert, worked for more than 20 years in the beauty industry.

After undergoing several knee surgeries and searching to heal her scars, she discovered the incredible scaring and regenerative virtues of Centella Asiatica.

This was the start, in 2003, of her studies on skin regeneration that led to her first formula, Baume 27.

Working with scientists, biochemist and lab technicians, she selected three purified, natural extracts of Centella Asiatica, [Madecassoside, Asiaticoside and Asiatic Acid] to create the CICA-MA2® Complex, which was the beginning of the brand creation, initiated by the iconic Baume 27. The Baume 27 formula extensive testing concluded to remarkable skin repairing and regeneration activity resulting in a restructuring of the skin tissue and reinforcement of the protective barrier.

Face cleansing balm Cleanser 27

Price ZAR1,800.00

BIO-BALANCING EXFOLIATING CLEASING BALM This cleansing-makeup removing balm with oils and butters rich in essential fatty acids is a true cleansing, moisturizing, gentle care for the driest and most sensitive skin. Its 100% natural formula emulsifies with water to cleanse the skin of impurities and traces of makeup while gently removing dead skin cells,...

Pure 27 cleanser

Price ZAR1,200.00

PURIFYING CLEANSING GEL Purifying and de-crusting cleansing gel, it contains Zinc and green and white clays that help combination to oily skin to regulate sebum secretion. Ideal for skins with small imperfections and dilated pores. Rid of impurities and toxins, the complexion is clarified, luminous, the skin looks clearer, softer and the appearance of...

Peel 27

Price ZAR1,350.00

BRIGHTENING MICRO-EXFOLIATING POWDER Triple exfoliation powder (mechanical, enzymatic and chimical) that transforms in a paste texture when it’s in contact with water. It helps to gently remove dead cells and impurities from the skin while improving the quality of the epidermis. The skin appears smoother, the skin texture is refined. The complexion is...

Face Hydrating lotion Mist 27

Price ZAR1,500.00

ACTIVATING BIO-BALANCING MIST Osmoregulating (regulating internal and external pressures), soothing and balancing care water, formulated from reconstituted seawater, it contains mineral salts essential to cellular functioning. The distilled waters of Lettuce and Melissa soothe small rednesses. Enriched with a probiotic and a blue light filter, the...

Recovery 27

Price ZAR2,650.00

BIO-SOOTHING RESTORING SERUM A soothing and skin-replenishing serum, Recovery 27 concentrates the exceptional anti-inflammatory and calming properties of Hemp and Centella Asiatica extracts coupled with hyaluronic acid, a powerful moisturizing agent. This highly soothing formula helps the recovery of overworked, irritated, over-stressed and often...

Pure 27

Price ZAR1,950.00

BLEMISH CORRECTING PURIFYING FLUID Balancing, anti-blemishes and hydrating fluid, Pure 27 treats blemishes, rednesses, dilated pores and excess of sebum. This ultra light fluid takes its properties from a blend of active ingredients that purifies the skin, hydrates, balances the microbiota, and smoothes the irregularities. Formulated to help the skin...

Concentré 27

Price ZAR2,800.00

BRIGHTENING SPOT REDUCING This serum concentrates the action of vitamin C and Niacinamide to reduce visibly the appearance of dark and pigmented spots*. The extract of Centella Asiatica help to stimulate cellular regeneration and reduce the appearance of small imperfections. Fast penetrating ultra-light formula, it is applied morning and evening to...

Mask 27

Price ZAR1,850.00

BIO-MOISTURIZING RENEWING MASK A multi tasking skin vitalizing mask . Intense moisturizer, it detoxifies and replenishes the skin to bring an instant  plumping effect and a natural healthy  glow . Its natural composition around Centella Asiatica, Immortal of Italy and Lemon Balm provides a complete skin renewing,relaxing treatment . Mask 27 can be...

Essence 27

Price ZAR2,650.00

BIO-VITALZING INTENSIVE HYDRATING FLUID Super moisturizing fluid, ultra light and non-greasy, this serum-type formula concentrates 5 moisturizing and anti-dehydration active ingredients that contribute to rebuild and preserve the skin's water reserves*. The presence of antioxidant active ingredients (Centella Asiatica extracts, Vitamin C) and amino acid...

Crème 27 Bio-logique

Price ZAR2,300.00

ANTI-POLLUTION HYDRATING CREAM Moisturizing and anti-pollution day cream, particularly adapted to life in an urban, polluted and aggressive environment. With its light, fluid texture, the cream acts like a protective shield for the skin: "eco-shield" prevents fine particles from adhering, an anti blue light active ingredient limits the impact of...

Eyes 27

Price ZAR2,050.00

BIO-RESTRUCTURING REPAIRING EYE CREAM Eyes 27 is a complete eye contour care: anti-aging, multi-corrective anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness and dark circles. The formula is an exceptional combination of active ingredients of natural origin whose effectiveness has been proven by clinical tests. A light and comfortable texture with high...

Huile 27 (Oil 27 )

Price ZAR1,890.00

BIO-NOURISHING REGENERATING OIL A true elixir for the skin, the formula concentrates a unique blend of 7 naturally derived plant oils that nourish, hydrate, regenerate and protect the skin. Selected for their Omega 3 & 6 content, these highly penetrating oils treat the skin and leave it glowing with health. The action of the oily extract of Centella...