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TELLUS (100ml)

Price ZAR3,700.00

The spirit of the earth Nose in the soil, buried in the undergrowth, stirring smells of roots and fungus.Damp soil scented with wilted flowers, burrowing animals and changing seasons.Planted deep within Mother Earth, the tree draws its strengthfrom the nutrient-providing decaying matter of humus...

SUCCUS (100ml)

Price ZAR4,260.00

The spirit of the treetop.The airy and solar scent of the treetops, the seduction of its livingand radiating flowers ensuring its reproduction.From this canopy, its perfume is unfurled and spreads sensually in the hot wind.ITS SPIRIT: the spirit of the border between the material and immaterial worlds,between leaf and air, freedom and dream, desire and...

SALTUS (100ml)

Price ZAR4,260.00

The spirit of sap... Scents emanating from inside the tree, just under its bark,from its resinous and camphorated vegetal nectar which ensures its growth.An intense perfume that sweeps us along by the momentum of its organic energy.ITS SPIRIT: the bubbling vigour of life, the will to live, to jump up, rise,the vital energy of the ambition to grow.


Price ZAR4,260.00

With the first entry in the newest Eau Imaginaire trilogy, perfumer Nadège le Garlantezec envisions a legendary island where a mystical fruit is so ubiquitous and powerful that the entire landscape is stained purple from its rich juice....


Price ZAR5,690.00

Peau de Bête -a noble animal. An enveloping perfume. The idea is to innovate through the sensuality of an animal and natural perfume.   In the ancient times, priests used to conceive perfumes as the sweat of the gods, loaded with their power, desires, wisdom and rage. Because these gods could not appear directly to humans, they used to turn themselves...


Price ZAR4,950.00

The BELLE BÊTE has been inspired by the Kiss of the Sphinx by Franz von Stuck (dark romanticism).As the first scent in the line, BELLE BÊTE has been composed by Carine Bouin of Givaudan. The new creation has its roots in old myths of human transformation into notcurnal beasts.


Price ZAR4,260.00

French niche line Liquides Imaginaires has launched Fleuve Tendre (Tender River), a new unisex fragrance "inspired by the precious 16th and 17th century novels whose idealised characters and refined feelings have rocked our imaginations forever".


Price ZAR5,690.00

Would you be willing to sell your soul to the Devil to possess his perfume? This essence is part of his powers, of his eternal seduction.Its fascinating composition reveals to us scented vapours with many facets, somewhere between beauty and peculiarity. Indomitable and elusive.


Price ZAR5,690.00

A person become wild after withdrawing from the urban world, his wanderings across all the scents of nature and his meanders in the forest have made this green adventurer a Bête Humaine with a passion for chestnut trees.

Blanche Bête

Price ZAR5,690.00

Often represented in medieval tapestries alongside a young woman in a flowery and fragrant garden, I am an imaginary animal, wild and solitary.My immaculate body is that of a fabulous white horse. Wearing a single, twisted poison neutralizing horn on my forehead.My ivory is sought after because it purifies the waters of its magical power. I embody love...