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Not a Collection

Not a Perfume

Price ZAR2,630.00

A fragrance made out of a single element called Cetalox. Usually used in perfumery as a base note, it plays here the lead role... Another advantage of this particular composition, is that it is entirely allergen free. The result is minimalist, elegant, pur. Main ingredient : Cetalox.

Not a perfume Superdose

Price ZAR3,030.00

OVERDOSEDAlways looking for innovative ways to shake the perfumery’s world, we came up with an intense version of NOT a Perfume: Not a perfume Superdose!Superclean - Superpure - SuperuniqueSame but overdosed. A fragrance that will please the Not a Perfume lovers and that will also be appreciated by those who usually don’t feel or smell Not a Perfume very...