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Not a Collection

Not a Collection

Not a perfume Superdose

Price ZAR3,250.00

OVERDOSEDAlways looking for innovative ways to shake the perfumery’s world, we came up with an intense version of NOT a Perfume: Not a perfume Superdose!Superclean - Superpure - SuperuniqueSame but overdosed. A fragrance that will please the Not a Perfume lovers and that will also be appreciated by those who usually don’t feel or smell Not a Perfume very...

Not a Perfume

Price ZAR2,950.00

A fragrance made out of a single element called Cetalox. Usually used in perfumery as a base note, it plays here the lead role... Another advantage of this particular composition, is that it is entirely allergen free. The result is minimalist, elegant, pur. Main ingredient : Cetalox.

Not a Shower Gel

Price ZAR650.00

Not a Shower Gel is victim of its own success and is momentary unavailable. Don't panic it's being reproduced and will be available again soon ! Indulge yourself with this Shower gel delicately blended with Not a perfume’s Clean, Pure and Unique scent.  The skin is soft and subtly perfumed.Not a Shower gel will leave a post shower trail and serve as...

Not a Hair and Body Mist

Price ZAR1,250.00

Enjoy Not a perfume’s Clean, Pure and Unique scent with this water-basedhair and body mist. An antioxidant formula targeted to balance pH levels in hair & skin PH to restore the hair shine and bring a luminous skin complexion.

Not a Room Spray

Price ZAR1,250.00

This home fragrance inspired by the notes of “NOT A PERFUME”, will leave its olfactory character in your home, for a fresh, pure and unique atmosphere.100% addictive fragrance

Not a Candle

Price ZAR1,200.00

The scented candle "Not a perfume"Enjoy Not a perfume’s Clean, Pure and Unique scent with this precious candle.Its delicate trail will linger few hours in your favorite room. Be careful, your loved ones will be so addictive that they won’t leave your place anymore!A formula guaranteed without artificial colorants.

Not a Home Diffuser

Price ZAR1,750.00

Not a Home Diffuser - For your homeThis fragrance diffuser will envelop your interior in a Clean, Pure and Unique atmosphere.Presented as a decorative object, you will be surprised by the immaculate appearance of its clouded alcohol, making it one of a kind!Supplied with 10x natural wood diffusion sticks.Diffusion about 45 / 60h depending on the number of...

Not a body lotion

Price ZAR1,100.00

Not a perfume - for your bodyThanks to its generous and creamy texture, a mixture of glycerin, capric triglyceride and shea butter, your skin is hydrated and protected.Its texture, however thick, penetrates quickly and leaves the skin delicately scented!