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This collection honours the most emblematic flowers in high perfumery thanks to an ultra-modern distilling process. From the classics such as the rose and orange blossom to the most enigmatic, the crocus and champak, this collection pays tribute to the timeless beauty of these floral queens.


Price ZAR3,800.00

The first perfume in the Supercritique collection, the majestic rose is reinvented here in an oriental palace. Notes of spiced tea, incense and vanilla imbue this rose with the allure of a Queen of Sheba, voluptuous and sensual.


Price ZAR3,800.00

Inspired by the naive paintings of Henri Rousseau, this primordial flower with its Vahine allure evokes the beauty of a luxuriant jungle. Ylang-ylang, vanilla and osmanthus reveal all the delicacy of this flamboyant nectar. We immerse ourselves with the perfume as if bathing in the turquoise waters of a tropical island.


Price ZAR3,800.00

GARDENIA SUPERCRITIQUE / It is possible to find in this scent no more than a bouquet of white flowers in augmented reality, which embalm the air with their wild and fatal exhalation. But the feline nature of the GARDENIA flower is suddenly tamed, domesticated by a PEAR note and a lactonic PEACH, WARM MILK accord that whisper their tenderness onto the skin...


Price ZAR3,800.00

TUBÉREUSE SUPERCRITIQUE / This Mexican flower possesses the most powerful scent in the plant world. Like a white queen, it entices you into its temple where JASMINE and YLANG-YLANG dance with SANDALWOOD and PATCHOULI in the most spectacular choreography. Opulence and audacity underpin its extraordinary trail.