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Les Eaux Primordiales

Les Eaux Primordiales

Les Eaux Primordiales (The Primordial Waters) is a French niche perfume brand built on the foundations of the traditional "Great Perfumery". Its mission is to offer timeless, innovative fragrances that redefine contemporary classics with the use and reinvention of sometimes forgotten olfactory families.

A temporality in movement. Les Eaux Primordiales wants to create emotions able to make body and soul come closer to each other, to be an imaginary addition to one's persona, to create a world of one's own.

In this collection of highly-concentrated fragrances (eau de parfum), bending the solifloral rule that is often the norm in niche perfumery, like a shifting immateriality, a return to the basics, to harmoniousforms, an accepted respect of academic codes occasionally punctuated by a few dissonances createdthrough instinct.

These compositions are smart, studious, casual, and classical and then suddenly, something comes to transform it all with gay abandon, so as to give voice to the random poetry of sensations.

Particules Imprévisibles

Price ZAR3,600.00

PARTICULES IMPRÉVISIBLES / This bold tribute to the unpredictable, chaotic and random behavior of elementary particles plays on the misperception of emotions: we are expecting a molecular exploration but what we find is a promise of ecstasy that expresses itself through the finest natural ingredients. This spicy/woody fragrance is a promise of ecstasy,...

Mécanique Intuitive

Price ZAR3,600.00

This aphrodisiac elixir invites us to take a stroll through the salons of a grand Parisian hotel. The scent of leather, rum and tobacco create a voluptuous setting. Osmanthus, Madagascan vanilla and tonka bean add finesse and opulence to this incandescent perfume.


Price ZAR3,800.00

GARDENIA SUPERCRITIQUE / It is possible to find in this scent no more than a bouquet of white flowers in augmented reality, which embalm the air with their wild and fatal exhalation. But the feline nature of the GARDENIA flower is suddenly tamed, domesticated by a PEAR note and a lactonic PEACH, WARM MILK accord that whisper their tenderness onto the skin...

Couleur Primaire

Price ZAR3,600.00

Reminiscent of freshly washed laundry drying in the open air. The scent of cleanliness gives way to reassuring notes of a childhood pear sorbet. From that moment forth we’re enveloped in a bath of addictive freshness. This bouquet of jasmine and musk aldehydes is a veritable antidote to the Sunday night blues.


Price ZAR3,800.00

The first perfume in the Supercritique collection, the majestic rose is reinvented here in an oriental palace. Notes of spiced tea, incense and vanilla imbue this rose with the allure of a Queen of Sheba, voluptuous and sensual.


Price ZAR3,800.00

Inspired by the naive paintings of Henri Rousseau, this primordial flower with its Vahine allure evokes the beauty of a luxuriant jungle. Ylang-ylang, vanilla and osmanthus reveal all the delicacy of this flamboyant nectar. We immerse ourselves with the perfume as if bathing in the turquoise waters of a tropical island.


Price ZAR3,800.00

TUBÉREUSE SUPERCRITIQUE / This Mexican flower possesses the most powerful scent in the plant world. Like a white queen, it entices you into its temple where JASMINE and YLANG-YLANG dance with SANDALWOOD and PATCHOULI in the most spectacular choreography. Opulence and audacity underpin its extraordinary trail.


Price ZAR3,950.00

The resin extracted from oud wood is one of the most noble and sought-after materials in the world of perfumery. Associated with the freshness of orange blossom and the curves of precious guaiac, cedar and sandalwoods, this resin from Laos exalts its fragrance. Spicy notes of benzoin, sesame and black vanilla promise a most memorable sillage.


Price ZAR4,950.00

If we had to choose a perfume for the red-carpeted stairs at the legendary Cannes Film Festival, this would be it. Embodying elegance and glamour, this modern rose is made sublime by pink peppercorns and patchouli. Incense as a base note imbues it with mysterious charm, and makes this perfume the ideal accessory for the most beautiful of parties.


Price ZAR4,950.00

Extracted from the beautiful crocus flower, saffron is the red gold of the Middle East. This precious spice is adorned firstly with the aromatic notes of thyme and sage. Then raspberry, round and sensual, enters the scene and lifts the veil on the precious guaiac and cedar woods. The scent of suede adds the finishing touch to a perfume with the allure of...


Price ZAR4,950.00

Evoking a long winter’s day spent by the fire. Imagine aromas of apple and cinnamon pie and gingerbread wafting in from the oven. Oriental notes of spices and honey introduce character and softness into this comforting moment. The harmony of rum and tobacco adds a sweet and intense touch to the enchanting elixir. As we wrap ourselves in this perfume as if...