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To order a TRY ME sample kit, please choose a brand and category below, select the TRY ME sample pack you wish to recieve.

A promo code will be sent to you with your TRY ME sample pack, to enjoy an immediate discount of that exact amount when purchasing any item from that brand or that category.

METROPOLITAIN COSMEITCS is an Official Retailer of all brands sold in both our stores and webstores.

We work directly with the manufacturers or duly appointed distributors.

All samples available on our websites are supplied by the manufacturer.
All samples are made from a specific Batch with official references supplied by the manufacturer.
All samples contain minimum 0.7 ml and more.
International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients obligation
Ingredients list of corresponding reference can be found at all time on our website in the products description file. Please consult them before buying any product including samples.

Some ingredients used in perfumes & cosmetics in general may cause allergic reactions.

If you are subject to allergies please refrain from using perfumes or cosmetics and kindly note we will not assume any liability in case of such an event. By buying a product on our website you are confirming our exemption of liability.

To order a TRY ME sample kit, please choose the brand bellow, select the TRY ME you wish to recieve.