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Queen Bee Box

Queen Bee Box

The Queen Bee Christmas Golden Box

This Golden Box Skincare Regimen contains the ultimate in total health for face, neck, décolleté, hand and  body.
Melissa Brown has hand selected the very best of the best, her tried and tested favourites, specifically chosen to target comprehensively your skin concerns synergistically and in perfect balance.

We have taken the guess work out of engineering the perfect customised AM and PM process, choosing specific patented ingredients from the world’s most successful cosmeceutical skincare brands, tailor made for you.

Your Queen Bee Box comprehensively covers all elements in total skin health:

•    Preservation of the hydrolipidic film (moisture balance).
•    Deep pore cleansing, blackhead and whitehead removal, without any irritants nor stripping action.
•    Preserves the natural microbiome of the skin.
•    Anti-Inflammatory.
•    Respect for sensitive skins – paraben, phthalate , alcohol, colorants mineral oil, animal by product FREE.
•    Alleviates sensitivity issues returning the skin to biological balance.
•    Collagen and Elastin Synthesis and maintenance of Dermal Matrix Integrity.
•    Increased Immunity.
•    Total Skin Nutrition.
•    Incredible Radiance and Glow.
•    Specific Daily Enzymatic Exfoliation.
•    Detoxification.
•    Tightening and Lifting of face, neck and décolleté
•    Potent Anti-Oxidant and triterpenoid protection.
•    Anti-Pigmentation, Skin Brightening.
•    Skin tone and texture.
•    DNA Repair, epigenetic effect (upregulation of good genes, down regulation of bad genes)
•    Make Up misting and moisture magnet
•    Luscious lengthened and volumised Lashes and Treatment Hyaluronic Facial Powder
•    Cellulite, body tone and texture, drainage, age spots, varicose veins.

The Queen Bee Golden Box comes equipped with a TOTAL REGIMEN PROCEDURE, so that the proud beneficiary of the Golden Box is equipped with the ‘savoir faire’ to get the system in place to achieve the best results.

SELF- WORTH, SELF-LOVE, SELF-CARE in a potent system engineered to bring you the healthiest most beautiful skin of your lifetime.

Embrace your best self ……. Effortlessly

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