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Metro Skincare

Metro Skincare

Tailormade for your skin- Essential Oils skincare

Founded in 2020 by Metropolitain Cosmetics, Metro Skincare is a proudly South African premium skincare beauty brand expert in natural formulas based on essential oils and vegetable oils.
Our brand offers a unique cosmetic and treatment range for the face and the body combining biotechnology and the exceptional efficacy of 100% pure essential oils.

With its sharp know-how and expertise in aromatherapy and aromacology, Metro Skincare stands out thanks to its values of quality, efficacy, naturality and authenticity.

Our brand respects the skin and the environment, offering innovative products free from:

• Parabens, Silicon, Phenoxyethanol, Mineral Oils and Animal Ingredients.
• Nature has been one of the Metropolitain Cosmetics core values since its beginning.
• Today, this respect for nature is represented by priorities that help preserve the planet.
• Products manufactured in South Africa that are natural, not tested on animals and kind to our very precious planet