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TheraBreath's founder, Dr. Harold Katz created this premium oral care system at the California Breath Clinics over 20 years ago. Since 1994, TheraBreath has become one of five largest oral care companies in the U.S. and the biggest privately held oral care manufacturer in America. Millions of people worldwide use TheraBreath products every day. When someone tries TheraBreath, they love it and continue to use it.

The original formula has been refined dozens of times to become the most complete oral care system available. TheraBreath products are revolutionary because they attack the germs that cause bad breath. TheraBreath doesn't mask bad breath with heavy flavors or powerful odors like other products on the market, it wipes bad breath away. TheraBreath has been proven effective at controlling these bacteria and the embarrassing odor they can cause.

Always continuing his research and testing, Dr. Katz expanded his line of oral care products beyond our original TheraBreath Toothpaste and Oral rinse to focus on specific oral health issues beyond halitosis. TheraBreath has grown to have an extensive line of oral care products that include addressing issues such as gum disease, clearing of tonsil stones, teeth whitening, specialty chewing gum and pet products.

The ongoing news and research on this site is dedicated to educating and explaining the real causes behind dry mouth, halitosis, taste disorders (which include metallic, sour and bitter) and bad breath and how to alleviate these oral care issues by using the clinically tested TheraBreath products that best suit your personal oral health problems.