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Today, our lifestyles are undergoing unprecedented change and acceleration.

First to be affected are women, who are ultra-connected, hyper-active, over-exposed to pollution and the blue light of the screens and often dissatisfied with their beauty and the image reflected in their “selfies”.

Feeling bad about yourself and not loving your image is a vicious circle, because by obsessing about the flaws in our skin or our appearance, we just add stress to stress…

PIT’NJOY is able to transform the appearance of the skin in the blink of an eye; it makes it matte and velvety, able to capture light and reduce the appearance of flaws- and all this in a completely natural way.

With or without make-up, you will no longer have doubts about the appearance of your skin, even under extreme conditions (tiredness, lack of sleep, heat, etc.)

360° Protective Shield + Selfie Perfect Skincare

Price ZAR600.00

ANTI POLLUTION – BLUE LIGHT SHIELD – DAILY UV SHIELD – COMBATS SKIN STRESS – PERFECT SKIN How can I achieve the “360° shield” effect ?My skin is combination to oilyTo be used by itself or over a serum.My skin is oily-prone or blemishedTo be used by itself.My skin is dry to very dryTo be mixed with 1 or 2 drops of oil (e.g. sweet  almond oil) With or...