Eau Sanguine


Price ZAR3,700.00

The scent of a rose sacrificed for the beauty of wine. An age-old Champagne ritual. A perfume for passion Tête: Champagne accord, grapefruit, pear accord... Coeur: Damascena rose, clove, incense... Fond: Woody accord, cedarwood, vetiver, gayac wood...


Price ZAR3,700.00

Wine, a gift from the gods, is fragrance that extols intellectual and sensual passions. Bloody Wood is a love and silent duel that releases its truth in his «juice», associating white and red wine. Tête: White wine lees, violet, rose oxyde... Coeur: Fruity red wine accord, cherry, raspberry... Fond: Woody accord, sandalwood, oak barrel accord...


Price ZAR3,700.00

This fragrance is a «hero», the fervent blood of a fighter. Like the Rabelo boats that gained strength in the wind, it has a taste for risk-taking and intrepid adventures. A perfume of adventure Tête: Porto accord, dried fruits... Coeur: Balm note, everlasting flower, ciste... Fond: Ambery wood, benzoin...