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Whenever you press the atomizer on your perfume bottle, you look forward to new feelings and positive emotions, you expect a boost of energy. You may wish to enhance your image or simply make yourself feel comfortable. You might also want to make a lasting impression on someone.

M.INT’s greatest ambition is to make your wishes come true. We follow our slogan "That which triggers emotions". Our brand philosophy is to create charismatic fragrances. Our perfumes appeal to the wearer and those around him or her and leave pleasant memories that you would love to return to.

M.INT creates upscale fragrances that stimulate imagination and trigger emotions each time the atomizer is pressed.


Price ZAR5,400.00

The view that you imagine when you hear the words "blue waterfall" is so vivid and relaxing. There seems to be nothing else to add to this image to make it more perfect. If there is anything to add to this heavenly picture, it is a mountain landscape, a place where the azure foamy water rushes down from a steep slope, shimmering under the lazy sun. That...