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Infinite White Serum

Price ZAR1,580.00

Infinite White Serum The Infinite white Serum is the alliance of unique powerful brightening active ingredients, specifically elaborated for the skins concerned with loss of brightness, presenting irregularities or pigmentation marks. Brightening effect on the skin. Hyperpigmentation reduced 100%** Lighter complexion 100%**


Price ZAR1,715.00

INFINITE WHITE CREAM with 5 brightening plants Pigmentation problems: a concern for many women The appearance of dark spots is a real cause of worry for women. Caused by the sun, stress or simply age, they affect both young and more mature skin.


Price ZAR390.00

SOFT HANDS CREAMwith repairing apricot butter Your hands are particularly vulnerable and quickly become an indicator of passing time. It is therefore essential to pamper them as much as the face and throat. Fragile and naturally dry, hands require regular care to maintain their suppleness and softness. This care will quickly become part of your beauty...