Face Care Serums

Face Care Serums

Infinite White Serum

Price ZAR1,320.00

Infinite White Serum The Infinite white Serum is the alliance of unique powerful brightening active ingredients, specifically elaborated for the skins concerned with loss of brightness, presenting irregularities or pigmentation marks. Brightening effect on the skin. Hyperpigmentation reduced 100%** Lighter complexion 100%**

Aqualixir Ultra Hydrating Serum

Price ZAR1,450.00

Ultra hydrating serum with A.H.E complex First deep moisturiser, the AQUALIXIR is an innovative, high-powered serum. It acts as thousands of internal sponge filled with water to assure an optimal hydration of the skin. Hydrate, repair, sublimate... +30% of moisturizing of the superficial skin layersat 8 hours ** +19% long lasting moisturizing of...

Eye Contour Pro-cellular Serum

Price ZAR1,150.00

How do we maintain the youthful appearance of our eyes? Eye Contour Pro-cellular Serum is specially designed to combat premature ageing by tackling the Progerin in our cells. It has been found and proven that Juvenessence® “Brown seaweed” helps inhibit the mutation phenomena of Lamin A into Progerin. Reduction of wrinkles by 40% in 28 days.


Price ZAR1,450.00

With natural everlasting flovers and essential oils. DELAROM has designed a unique Age Defense essential serum : ENERGYILXIR HD. First nourishing deep cellular, ENERGYLIXIR HD is an innovative and ultra-powerful serum that reinforces the skin’s inner structure of the skin with its dermo-decontracting effects..