Cinq Mondes Products, Beauty Recipes of the World ®

Jean-Louis Poiroux, founder of Cinq Mondes, has developed a unique line of natural skincare products inspired by ancient beauty recipes. Cinq Mondes products are specifically adapted for use in professional treatments with formulas that are both effective and harmless thanks to our research into Phyto-aromatics :
- Phyto : the power of active plant based ingredients used in traditional remedies
- Aromatic : associated with the benefits for the mind and body of unique fragrances created by great perfumers.

To ensure perfect inocuousness, Cinq Mondes skincare products are developed under the control of a Pharmacy PhD and formulated according to a highly demanding Natural Laboratory Guideline.

1. Selection of organic or natural ingredients

2. Without paraben nor phenoxyethanol

3. Without silicone nor mineral oil

4. Without artificial colouring

Tested under dermatological control

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