Founded in 2009 by Christine Benet, Delarom is a French premium skincare beauty brand expert in natural formulas based on essential oils and vegetable oils.

Our brand offers a unique cosmetic and treatment range for the face and the body combining biotechnology and the exceptional efficacy of 100% pure essential oils.

With its sharp know-how and its family expertise in aromatherapy and aromacology for the past 30 years, Delarom stands out thanks to its values of quality, efficacy, naturality and authenticity.

Our brand respects the skin and the environment, offering innovative products free from: Parabens, Silicon, Phenoxyethanol, Mineral Oils and Animal Ingredients.


Price ZAR300.00

The Cleansing Water with softening peony eliminates all traces of make-up and impurities in a simple gesture. It respects the balance of all skin types, even the most sensitive. The skin stays soft and hydrated. Your face, even without make-up, needs daily cleansing. Every day, dust, pollution, pollen clog the pores of the epidermis and in order to...

Face Cleansing Gel

Price ZAR435.00

The Face Cleansing Gel with jojoba pearls, with its light and delicately foaming texture, cleanses the face. The jojoba pearls gently remove the impurities and leave the skin feeling soft and clear. The Face Cleaning Gel, enriched in calendula extract, enables non-aggressive water cleansing, even for sensitive skin. Jojoba pearls cleanse deeply the...

Pure Freshness Toner

Price ZAR435.00

Used to remove the last traces of make-up/surplus of other skincare over the face and the neck, the Pure Freshness Toner refreshes and tones the skin preparing it to receive the benefits of your daily skincare routine. This toner without alcohol purifies and helps maintain skin moisture. It tones the skin, bringing afresh and rested complexion to it. It...

Active Purifying Balm

Price ZAR1,400.00

The Active Purifying Balm has a double action. It protects the skin thanks to its natural waxes and purifies and cleanses thanks to its essential oils. The Active Purifying Balm is quickly absorbed with its melting texture. Its essential oils help purify, detoxifyand make the skin supple. The skin is rebalanced and recovers its natural radiance...

Anti-Ageing Restructuring Balm

Price ZAR1,400.00

The Anti-Ageing Restructuring Balm is a solution to the skin imperfections mainly due to the ageing: wrinkles, little wrinkles, soreness, red patches, dehydration, loss of tone. The Anti-Ageing Restructuring Balm with Bulgarian Rose offers a rich texture which immediatelysoftens the skin. Its cocktail of essential oils helps maintain skin hydration level...


Price ZAR1,195.00

The authentic concentrate of nature for the face is a revitalizing complex of 100% pure and natural essentialoils. It helps rebalance and oxygenate the skin. Extremely light, it is immediately absorbed. This cocktail of essential oils contained in this Aroma is an authentic elixir for beauty. It rebalancesand oxygenates the skin...


Price ZAR1,195.00

This authentic concentrate of nature for the face is an anti-ageing structuring complex with its 100% pureand natural essential oils. It helps strengthening the cellular metabolism. Its anti–free radical action and its tensor active ingredients help strengthen the cellular defences of the epidermis. It visibly reduces the wrinkles and little wrinkles....


Price ZAR1,195.00

This authentic concentrate of nature for the face is a hydrating complex of 100% pure and natural essential oils. It helps rebalance the general hydration of the skin. This cocktail of essential oils contained in this Aroma is an authentic elixir for beauty. It deeplyhydrates the skin.It helps preserving the osmotic balance of our cells protecting the...


Price ZAR890.00

The Eye and Lip Contour Care protects from the 1st signs of ages. This Eye and Lip Contour Care is an unctuous cream gel, fresh and fragrance free.It contains a lifting complex which smoothes lines and wrinkles from the 1st signs of ages. The climbing ivy extract, associated with a cocktail of draining active ingredients, visibly reduces theunder-eye...

Eye Contour Pro-cellular Serum

Price ZAR1,150.00

How do we maintain the youthful appearance of our eyes? Eye Contour Pro-cellular Serum is specially designed to combat premature ageing by tackling the Progerin in our cells. It has been found and proven that Juvenessence® “Brown seaweed” helps inhibit the mutation phenomena of Lamin A into Progerin. Reduction of wrinkles by 40% in 28 days.