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Founded in 2009 by Christine Benet, Delarom is a French premium skincare beauty brand expert in natural formulas based on essential oils and vegetable oils.

Our brand offers a unique cosmetic and treatment range for the face and the body combining biotechnology and the exceptional efficacy of 100% pure essential oils.

With its sharp know-how and its family expertise in aromatherapy and aromacology for the past 30 years, Delarom stands out thanks to its values of quality, efficacy, naturality and authenticity.

Our brand respects the skin and the environment, offering innovative products free from: Parabens, Silicon, Phenoxyethanol, Mineral Oils and Animal Ingredients.

Active filters

Aromatic Refreshing Foot and Leg Cream

Price ZAR800.00

The Aromatic Refreshing Foot and Leg Cream brings relaxation and freshness to tired feet and heavy legs, it fights against dry heels and softens the skin. The Foot and Leg Cream has a soft, quickly absorbed and non-sticky texture. Its perfume of menthol andlavender essential oils is very refreshing for feet with a tendency to sweat...


Price ZAR780.00

The Orange Sugar Body Scrub with organic sweet orange essential oil is an authentic natural scrub. It gently removes dead skin cells and prevents the skin from drying out. The Orange Sugar Scrub is a greedy body peeling, a sugar perfumed with organic sweet orange essentialoils. It scrubs the dead skin cells from the surface of the epidermis. It melts and...

Bronze Absolute Youth Suncare Cream

Price ZAR980.00

SPF30 - High ProtectionAnti-wrinkles Moisturising DELAROM High Protection Youth Suncare Cream SPF30 is the result of a highly technical and highly natural approach. By combining filters recognised for their effectiveness with natural extracts, DELAROM offers remarkably effective ultra-penetrative care.


Price ZAR1,780.00

This cream is essential for dry skins. It nourishes, moisturizes and protects skin against climatic aggressions. The Delight Rich Cream contains a repairing complex rich in hydroxyproline (amino acid stimulatingcollagen production) which has a balancing action on both collagen and elastin, to make tissues firmer.Its active agents have an anti-oxidant and...

Aqualixir Ultra Hydrating Serum

Price ZAR1,940.00

Ultra hydrating serum with A.H.E complex First deep moisturiser, the AQUALIXIR is an innovative, high-powered serum. It acts as thousands of internal sponge filled with water to assure an optimal hydration of the skin. Hydrate, repair, sublimate... +30% of moisturizing of the superficial skin layersat 8 hours ** +19% long lasting moisturizing of...


Price ZAR1,270.00

The Eye and Lip Contour Care protects from the 1st signs of ages. This Eye and Lip Contour Care is an unctuous cream gel, fresh and fragrance free.It contains a lifting complex which smoothes lines and wrinkles from the 1st signs of ages. The climbing ivy extract, associated with a cocktail of draining active ingredients, visibly reduces theunder-eye...

Revitality Balm

Price ZAR1,880.00

The Revitality Balm is an essential skincare product; it protects, softens, hydrates and helps the skinrecover its brightness, vitality, comfort and firmness thanks to its cocktail of essential oils.

Pure Freshness Toner

Price ZAR720.00

Used to remove the last traces of make-up/surplus of other skincare over the face and the neck, the Pure Freshness Toner refreshes and tones the skin preparing it to receive the benefits of your daily skincare routine. This toner without alcohol purifies and helps maintain skin moisture. It tones the skin, bringing afresh and rested complexion to it. It...


Price ZAR980.00

BRONZE DORÉ SUNCARE BODY LOTIONHIGH PROTECTION SPF30TAN ACTIVATOR DELAROM complete its BRONZE DORE range with body milk SPF30 enriched with a tanning activator.Its high protection fights effectively against UVA and UVB rays; this is the best way for your skin to tan evenly and protect your health from harmful effects of the sun at the same time.