Milky Cleanser Hydrobiotic

First cleanser 100% respectful of the hydro-lipidic film and the flora. Hydro: Does not dry out (omega-3 and 6 = good lipids for the skin) Not become dehydrated (100% vegetable glycerin) = Hydro-lipidic film preserves Biotic: Respects the cutaneous flora (pre & pro biotic) Limits pathogen bacteria’s (Boosts good bacteria’s through the...

Peeling Night Lotion

Price ZAR550.00

For Whom? All types of imperfection prone skin. Skin without imperfections but with visible pores, irregular texture and/or dull complexion. Goal? 3-in1 cosmetic care: skin smoothing, purifying & anti-aging. Added advantage? A purifying skin lotion 100% from natural origin without alcohol, your skin "sweeper"!