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Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid

Over 50% of theHyaluronic acid in our bodies is found in the skin. As skin ages, Hyaluronic acid diminishes resulting in dry skin and sagging (sunken) faces.

The star of cosmetic medicine, Hyaluronic acid is key to plumping, lifting cheekbones and hydrating.

Booster Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

Price ZAR1,280.00

You are the aesthetic doctor: 40 HA* injections in this bottle!Dry, normal and combination skin.Hyaluronic Acid, the most fundamental substance for the youthfulness of your skin, deserved a base that matched its effectiveness. Mission accomplished with this ultra-moisturizing, plumping and anti-aging serum.


Price ZAR990.00

Your “facial architect"Normal to dry skin. Cream? More like an infusion of Hyaluronic Acid in emulsion! The result is a plumping action and a firming effect that is favoured by more than 77%** of the testers.

The Repulp Mask product-img
  • On sale!

The Repulp Mask

Price ZAR770.00

BABY-SOFT SKIN IN ONLY 10 MINUTES! Combination, normal and dry skin The quintessential SOS treatment, this Mask is the essential skin-pampering step after exposure to the sun or cold, and a touch of magic for plumper skin before an evening out!

The Instant Lifting Serum product-img
  • On sale!

The Instant Lifting Serum

Price ZAR990.00

EXPRESS BEAUTY ENHANCER. All skin types. An amazing Serum: In 5 minutes chrono smoothed features and in 14 days a visible complexion radiance with a super-concentrated formula of active ingredients anti-ageing for the long term. A property confirmed by professional make-up artists who have adopted it on film sets.


Price ZAR430.00

A lip treatment that's impossible to describe in just 3 words!Hyaluronic AcidA lip treatment or nude lip makeup? Volumizing, nourishing or anti-aging? Immediate and visible effects or deep-down and long-lasting action? Treat yourself to the luxury of never having to choose with Lip’up.

Smoothing Toning Mist with Hyaluronique

Price ZAR550.00

MORE THAN A BILLION HYALURONIC ACID MOLECULES IN A SINGLE SPRAY. All skin types Press once to release a cloud of micronized droplets of Hyaluronic Acid. Smoothing Toning Mist with Hyaluronic Acid delivers simultaneously toning, makeup setting and expert skincare benefits with a high concentration of advanced anti-aging active ingredients.

Repulp Gel

Price ZAR990.00

A gel? Rather an infusion of Hyaluronic Acid mounted in emulsion! With the key, a plumping action and a firmness effect acclaimed by more than 96% of testers **.

Hyaluronic Acid Gift Set

Price ZAR1,280.00

Offering Hyaluronic Acid Booster Serum is the certainty of giving pleasure. It is not for nothing that it is our best-seller! And with it, as a gift, in a beautiful festive box, discover or re-discover our Micellar Water ! A cleanser, a make-up remover (face and eyes), and a revitalising treatment in its own right! FREE GIFT Booster Serum with...