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At least 20 % of the world population is overweight. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), 44% of diabetes cases, 41% of cancers and 23% of heart disorders are directly linked to this excess weight.

What are the causes of these phenomena and what solutions are available?

These are the 2 principal questions which preoccupy our experts!

Industrialization has changed the world we live in.

During the 19th century, the industrial revolution created a spectacular evolution in our food which resulted in several major changes: the discovery of new conservation methods, the appearance of processed foods and the development of modern transport systems for broad food distribution …

This industrialization of food provoked major changes in food composition : too high in sugars, salt, and fat, too low in protein, lacking in micronutrients, too high in pesticides and other food additives, over processed by unnecessary refining or excessive sterilization …

Consequently, proteins lose their fragile amino acids and stop having satiating properties. Lipids change their spatial conformation to mutate into “trans” acids, losing their physiological properties. As well, slow carbohydrates become fast sugars, which cause hyperglycemia, followed by sudden hypoglycemia, inciting the consummation of other sugars, and so on.

In addition to these changes, which no longer respond to our natural requirements are changes in life style:

Irregular meal times : disruption of processes which regulate the biological clock Constant stress (work related, urban stress, economic stress, environmental stress…) Pollution : air and water pollution, the presence of lead and asbestos in our homes, harmful preservatives in our hygiene and beauty products, food contamination, noise and radio wave pollution.

All of these factors strongly contribute to the worldwide obesity epidemic which favors the appearance of chronic illnesses and prevalence of cancer.

The proof is obvious: never have so many men and women confessed to being chronically « on a diet »! The number of diet programs, each more confusing than the next, continues to grow, supermarket shelves are filled with « light » or « diet » products while consumers become more and more perplexed.

To remedy this we have developed TIME Nutrition! TIME Nutrition is not a diet but rather an invitation to a new lifestyle! TIME Nutrition is a method created by a desire to offer new, simple and efficient solutions for long term weight control and health preservation without deprivation and the devastating effect of successive dieting.

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