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Perle Rare Homme

Price ZAR2,490.00

To the sophisticated male, a prestigious and modern fragrance, PERLE RARE HOMME – “Black Edition” Chic, elegant, with a Parisian spirit, this scent is for the new generation of free men.


Price ZAR5,400.00

Perfumer: Hamid Merati-Kashani | Olfactory Group: Oriental WoodyTop notes: bergamot, lotus flowerMiddle notes: jasmine, gardenia, pralineBase notes: tobacco, vanilla, sandalwood


Price ZAR5,400.00

Perfumer: Philippine Courtiere Olfactory Group: Woody ChypreTop notes: elemi, juniper berries, pepperMiddle notes: pine needles, patchouli, cedarwoodBase notes: leather, amber, moss


Price ZAR5,400.00

Perfumer: Philippine Courtiere | Olfactory Group: Oriental Vanillic WoodyTop notes: mint leaves, jasmine petals, incenseMiddle notes: chocolate accord, cedarwood, patchouliBase notes: cistus, benzoin, vanilla bark


Price ZAR5,400.00

Perfumer: Harry Fremont Olfactory Group: Woody Spicy Top notes: mandarin, guava, coriander leavesMiddle notes: saffron, mate, thymeBase notes: suede, oakmoss, musk

Shavette Straight Razor

Price ZAR330.00

Like it’s big brother, the Shavette Straight Razor is sophisticated and smooth, but a lot easier to use.Instead of using 5 tiny blades in tandem like a modern shaver, a single blade razor like the Shavette spreads pressure over a smaller surface area, allowing for a much closer shave. Science, eh?


Price ZAR2,330.00

A mythical fragrance. A timeless and elegant freshness. Created in 1946 by perfumer Vincent Roubert, Green Water is classified as a modern fragrance. In 2016, Parfums Jacques Fath with the fine sensibility of Cecile Zarokian, re-habilitated noble ingredients such as large quantities of Neroli into this complex scent. A distinctive composition with fresh...

Magie du désert

Price ZAR4,130.00

A starry night, a dark and intense oriental fragrance One starry night, a royal caravanserai halts in the middle of the desert. Reclining on the finest fabrics, they begin tasting sumptuous dishes. Saffron, cinnamon, mint…


Price ZAR4,260.00

French niche line Liquides Imaginaires has launched Fleuve Tendre (Tender River), a new unisex fragrance "inspired by the precious 16th and 17th century novels whose idealised characters and refined feelings have rocked our imaginations forever".

No Mo-Stache - 24 Strips

Price ZAR470.00

No Mo-Stache offers 24 single wax strips (12 Double Sided).  Rub the strip in between your hands to heat up wax, pull strip apart, place strip onto skin, rub back and forth for wax to adhere to hair, hold skin taut and pull opposite of hair growth. There is also an aloe cream packet for after waxing for post wax relief.


Price ZAR5,690.00

Peau de Bête -a noble animal. An enveloping perfume. The idea is to innovate through the sensuality of an animal and natural perfume.   In the ancient times, priests used to conceive perfumes as the sweat of the gods, loaded with their power, desires, wisdom and rage. Because these gods could not appear directly to humans, they used to turn themselves...