Institut Tres Bien

Institut Tres Bien

The story of a brand. The story of a passion.

Some stories are lost to time, only to be rediscovered later. Some passions defy the ages, are rekindled and reborn. So begins our story. This is the story of a name, TRÈS BIEN, the name of a beauty salon in Lyon, France that my grandmother loved to visit in the 1930s, her personal correspondence describing at length the charm of many delightful afternoons spent there.

This is the story of a priceless, turn-of-the-century perfumery handbook that had stood unnoticed in the family library for decades, and in its pages the 1906 formula for the Cologne à la Russe, a cherished fragrance that my grandmother had custom made at Très Bien. This is the story of a desire, a desire to reach beyond trends and time and revive the atmosphere of a bygone era. This is our story. The story of a brand. The story of a passion.

Cologne Italienne

Price ZAR420.00

Sunny, cool, dynamicAn agreement in intensely fresh top notes (winter Lemon, Lemon White, Citron, Orange, Bitter Orange, Bergamot, Lime), delicate floral heart notes (Petit Grain, Orange Blossom), aromatic (lavender, rosemary Verbena) and herbaceous (Mate), on a subtle background of amber and iridescent notes (Neroli, Iris, benzoin).