Cuir Mythique

Price ZAR4,490.00

Siberia. A fascinating ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway to hunt for exceptional gemstones at the heart of Russia. A journey that left indelible traces, inspiring a bold piece that pairs a mink creation with a 23-carat yellow diamond… As well as a fragrance with an uncompromising character, Cuir Mythique, which exudes power and animality, but also the...

Rose Oud

Price ZAR4,490.00

Muscat. A bespoke creation for an Omani prince. Hours spent strolling through the streets of Old Town, soaking up the colours and the incomparable light to recreate this wonder in the form of fine jewellery with floating arabesques, set with diamonds. An unforgettable experience… that paved the way for Rose Oud, the olfactory expression of this sensual...

Fleur de Sable

Price ZAR3,700.00

The legend of the SAND FLOWER   Born from the whim of a whipping desert wind Buried treasure, laid bare by a hot scented breeze Salty, crystal petals baptized with dew Liquid spark with delicately spicy hints Its unique perfume is equaled only by its rarity Queen of the dunes forever nourished by its boldness

Self-Tanning Drops

Price ZAR1,050.00

Introducing a new generation of intelligent self-tanner: Dr Sebagh Self-Tanning Drops deliver a radiant and healthy-looking, sun-free glow whilst helping to shield skin against the ageing effects of High Energy Visible (HEV) light/daylight. This blue/violet light is also emitted by smartphones, tablets and laptops...

Glycolic Skin Reset Mask

Price ZAR1,250.00

Gently exfoliates to reveal glowing, radiant skin in just 5 minutes*Formulated to be both powerful and gentle, this modern mask pairs encapsulated glycolic acid with NIA-114™ for maximum exfoliating results with minimal irritation. This fast-acting, peach-tinted formula resurfaces dry, dull, rough skin...

Peeling Night Lotion

Price ZAR550.00

For Whom? All types of imperfection prone skin. Skin without imperfections but with visible pores, irregular texture and/or dull complexion. Goal? 3-in1 cosmetic care: skin smoothing, purifying & anti-aging. Added advantage? A purifying skin lotion 100% from natural origin without alcohol, your skin "sweeper"!  


Price ZAR3,900.00

B683 is a result of the meeting of two young designers. One is a couturier, the other a perfumer. Their childhood memories brought them together. Remembering captivating smells; of the leather from an elegant attaché case or an immaculate desk blotter; of the distinct smells...