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Dark Spots


Price ZAR660.00

MECHANICAL PEELING ACTION*: on the skin surface, thanks to the synergy of 3 different sized particles: exfoliating jojoba microspheres, polishing bamboo silica and scrubbing apricot kernel powder. The skin's texture is immediately smoothed, revealing perfect skin! Deep-down BIOLOGICAL PEELING ACTION*: with high tolerance gluconolactone for a magnificient...


10% TRIO-PEELING COMPLEX*: Gluconolactone + glycolic ac. + lactic ac. Extraordinary "RENEWED SKIN" effect*: on all skin types, thanks to progressive micro-peeling action. Upon waking, the skin's texture is visibly smoother, refined and incredibly soft. "RADIANCE ENHANCING": action adds greater luminosity and evenness to the complexion for perfectly...

Serum n°03 - Radiance & Energy

Price ZAR790.00

SERUM N°03 is a genuine elixir of cellular replenishment, especially formulated to detoxify and restore brightness to lacklustre skin. A concentrate of active nutrition, this skincare quickly erases signs of fatigue and revitalizes skin. Soothing agents relax drawn-looking skin and provide an efficient response to prevent and correct the first signs of...